Two Point Campus Detailed Review

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The courses are expected to play a vital role in the gameplay of the upcoming strategy game Two Point Campus, through which players will be able to shape an extraordinary university with numerous surprises. What schools will we find and what subjects will be taught there?

Two Point Studios decided to offer players the opportunity to run a university as part of their next game, the subjects of which will surprise us more than once or twice. At Two Point Campus, you’ll find numerous schools offering unique activities and learning skills.

Two Point Campus Description

Two Point Campus is a comforting and familiar experience. After Two Point Hospital, itself a love letter and spiritual successor to Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital, there is a familiar tone and rhythm to the proceedings. If you’ve played one of those games before, you know what you’re getting here.

Two Point Campus Detailed Review

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is the same thing that’s happened before. The new college environment has allowed Two Point Studios to think differently about the game to feel its own enough without losing its charm. And the result is a pleasant and recognizable experience.

As part of the game, the player is free to shape the direction that interests them and what they want to send. In this way, we will be able to shape the development and general direction of the facility, responding to the needs arising from a given session.

Courses at Two Point Campus

  • spyware
  • learning magic
  • archaeological
  • cooking
  • baking
  • musical
  • chivalrous
  • sports

Two Point Campus Make your students happy

However, your students are not just robots here to learn. They also have thoughts and feelings, and nurturing them is crucial to their grades and, therefore, their coffers. As with Two Point Hospital, they will care about your basic needs such as food, drink, going to the bathroom, and how hot or cold they are. They will also react more positively if the place is clean, there is entertainment available, or if the university itself looks more attractive.

Two Point Campus also introduces relationships. Students can make friends and even deeper relationships with their peers; the more they do this, the happier they are and the better they do in class. You will naturally meet and greet each other, but the more two-person encounters in college, the more likely these relationships will flourish.

Two Point Campus Detailed Review

But don’t be fooled into thinking that happiness is just an optional “nice to have” at Two Point Campus. It feels much more integrated into the gameplay loop than in Two Point Hospital. Sure, the sad patients could be gone, or their illness could worsen faster, but at Two Point Campus, it affects your ability to succeed.

Unhappy students will fail, they won’t make you money, and you’ll end up spiralling rapidly. She elevates her student’s well-being to a top priority, making it more interesting and healthy when she sees each student walking through what she has built and succeeding. Seeing them react happily to a new club you’ve created or rush to the latest event you’ve hosted in the Student Union often brings a smile.

This second currency is used to unlock a host of additional items and accessories to adorn your college. Many of these come with benefits like increasing the place’s attractiveness, etc. However, previously it was more up to your personal choice; this time, your students will often ask you for specific items.

Two Point Campus Different campuses

The game offers you twelve different campus levels to progress through. And the nice thing is that these feel more unique than Two Point Hospital. First, it has several different courses on offer similar to the setting, so expect Wizardry at the Hogwarts-like Spiffinmore school, while Archeology will be the main focus at Pebberly Ruins. Also, though, these levels feel different to play each time. In Pebbly Ruins, for example, you have lower funds and dig up relics throughout the course, which you can either sell for quick cash or store on the grounds to add to the curb appeal of your campus.

Fluffborough campus

The Fluffborough campus focuses on sports, and your progression depends on a winning Cheeseball team. It makes the levels stand out, has unique experiences and somewhat lessens the natural repetitive loop of these games.

There is a lot to consider and juggle at any one point. Thankfully the tutorial levels and on-hand advice guide your attention to where it is needed most. As in Two Point Hospital, more and more considerations are introduced throughout the levels, but in a well-paced way, so it never overwhelms outside of the intended challenge.

The intuitive menu system also provides a whole host of additional information and options for those who want to know the finer details and micromanage. You can cater your control accordingly, which alongside the familiar speed controls, allows you to step back or get into the details depending on your situation.

In terms of challenge, Two Point Campus balances it out pretty well. Despite the multiple turntables, most people will find the levels fairly accessible to achieve the 1-star rating needed to advance to the next campus. However, the challenge increases significantly as you progress to the 3-star challenges, requiring true mastery of the nuances of each level to succeed without failing or getting stuck in a perpetual cycle of lack of progress.

Two Point Campus trailer

New and familiar

Some aspects of Two Point Hospital have naturally moved to Two Point Campus. The cute, endearing art style complemented by his recognizable brand of witty humour is back in abundance, and it still suits the overall experience well in this latest title. On the other hand, despite the pretty nifty controls, it can still be tricky to place and select certain items in rooms from time to time.

Two Point Campus feels like it has built upon Two Point Hospital and can comfortably stand on its own two feet. The mechanics feel more integrated, and the setting of a university rather than a hospital gives it a different feel. That said, it still feels reassuringly familiar, down to the wholesome art style and contagious humour we’ve come to love.

It isn’t a complete reinvention, but it builds on enjoyable foundations to rival Two Point Hospital in all the right ways. Dare I say it, Two Point Campus is the better game, and long may that upward trajectory continue.

Two Point Campus is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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