How to Fix Packet Loss in Apex Legends (2024)

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on conquering packet loss in Apex Legends. For gamers, few things are as frustrating as interruptions during intense gameplay. Experiencing packet loss while playing Apex Legends? It’s a common headache for gamers worldwide. When packet loss strikes in Apex Legends, your shots may not land, and actions like shield swaps or healing get annoyingly delayed.

To help you get back into the game smoothly, we’ve gathered a set of effective fixes. These tips are designed to tackle connectivity issues and ensure a smoother gaming experience. Here are practical tips to minimize packet loss in Apex Legends in 2023.

How to Fix Packet Loss in Apex Legends (2023)

What exactly is packet loss in Apex Legends?

Think of it this way: all the information traveling on the internet moves in tiny “packets.” When these packets encounter issues and don’t reach their destination correctly, that’s what we call “packet loss.” This hiccup affects games, and Apex Legends is no stranger to it. The culprits? Faulty hardware, internet hiccups, and even server glitches can be to blame.

How can I identify if I’m experiencing packet loss?

Look for signs such as delayed actions, rubber-banding (character movements snapping back), or abrupt freezes during gameplay. You can also use network monitoring tools to check for packet loss in real time.

Why Players Encounter Packet Loss in Apex Legends

Experiencing packet loss in Apex Legends? Several factors might be at play:

Hardware Glitches:

When swapping or dropping packets outside of Apex, it could be your computer or a data issue caused by overwhelming processes. Your computer’s firewall or antivirus might be blocking game files, creating data disruptions. Consider checking your firewall settings or temporarily disabling antivirus after a scan.

Outdated Graphics Card:

In strategic games like Apex Legends, the graphics card plays a vital role. If your display card struggles to meet the high-quality demands set by the game, updating it is essential. Ensure that your card’s version aligns with the minimum configurations required for Apex.

Server Overload:

The immense influx of players and delayed scanning analysis on official servers can lead to overcrowding and increased server loads, resulting in packet loss.

Wireless Interference

Explore the various forms of wireless interference, from neighboring networks to household appliances, and discover advanced techniques to minimize disruptions.

Solutions: How to Fix Apex Legends Packet Loss?

So here are the solutions and tips to Fix Apex Legends Packet Loss. Begin by checking your internet connection. Use tools like Packet Loss Test to see if packet loss is affecting your overall internet or if it’s specific to Apex Legends. Any observed loss may indicate a hiccup in your internet or hardware.

Restart router

A quick and effective step is to restart your router and, if applicable, your modem. Often, routers left running for extended periods can benefit from a reset, potentially resolving packet loss issues in Apex Legends.

Use a LAN cable

If you’re currently on a Wi-Fi connection, consider switching to a LAN cable. This simple switch can improve latency and resolve minor packet loss problems.

Update network drivers

Keep your network drivers updated. While Windows typically handles this automatically, running a Windows update ensures your network drivers are current, potentially resolving packet loss issues.

Check Hardware

Perform a check for faulty hardware. Sometimes, packet loss in Apex Legends can be traced back to hardware issues, such as a malfunctioning LAN cable or router. A thorough check of all your hardware, along with a router reset, may help identify and address these issues.

Experiment with Different DNS Servers

An exploration of DNS servers, how they impact gaming and steps to experiment with alternative servers for potential performance gains.

Close Applications Running in the Background

Identify and close any applications running in the background that are using a lot of your computer’s resources. These could be causing packet loss issues.

Additional Ways to Tackle Packet Loss in Apex Legends (2023)

Keep Hardware Updated

Using outdated equipment may contribute to packet loss. Regularly update your hardware to ensure optimal performance. If the cost of new equipment is a concern, consider purchasing used items, which can be a more budget-friendly option.

Software Upgrades:

Outdated software can hog network bandwidth, causing packet loss and other performance issues. Always stay on top of software updates. Manually update your software promptly, or enable automatic updates for seamless maintenance. After updating, restart both the application and your hardware to ensure changes take effect.

Addressing packet loss requires a holistic approach, tackling both hardware and software aspects. By following these steps, you’ll be on the path to a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience in Apex Legends. Thanks for visiting BGN. Dive deeper into the gaming world with our latest articles, reviews, and exclusive content.

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