Iron Saga – Battle Mecha Game Review

Iron Saga- Battle Mecha is a Chinese mobile role-playing game that focuses on fuse warfare, but at first glance it is clear that it adds animated style show to the mix. This gives the game a different flavor compared to some of the wick games we have seen before and also gives its history and faces a little more than the total value. The game is definitely ambitious at first sight and receives positive reviews across the web, so let’s see what it’s around.

Iron Saga – Battle Mecha is the English version of the game that has appeared in several different premiums, starting from China and usually in Asia. The game was developed by GameDuchy, was initially launched in 2017 and has since expanded to include other language-based markets. Of course, it was updated and modified over time, and finally, Sentai Inc.’s studio It was developed and launched in Japan in 2018, with a Korean server opening shortly thereafter.

With the release of its latest English version, the game feels completely complete and stable, and is developed as a salt of stories, rather than as a simple mobile game. And the reception is very warm to prove it. On Google Play, Iron Saga – Battle Mecha Android has an impressive 4.8-star rating with over 4,000 audio while in the iTunes App Store, it is presented by Sentai Inc. , Its iOS version has 4.1 stars and is # 46 role-playing.


In a world submerged by a sea of ​​war and fire, war is waged in a science fiction environment. The cause of the disorder was actually 12 wicks, known as “great deities”, but in the current schedule of the game that is ancient history. After centuries, we entered a world where humanity learned from its mistakes and forgot to destroy the war and its atrocities. However, Battle Wicks reappear, while the power of shadow and evil rises to try to dominate the peaceful world. At the heart of everything, there is revolutionary technology that destroys the world that ignites war and introduces this new world into another war of fighting. ACE pilots are assembled to tame fuse technology, as we enter.


This game offers more than 500 versions of wicks, all of which include statistics and genres, as well as many pilots. The game boasts more than 100,000 possible combinations for our teams, and as a role-playing game, this game definitely offers a wide range of game modes. It is the collector of the heroes, or the fusion collector in this case, and the teams we collect make up our strengths.

In the basic situation, the battle is fought from the point of view of Ein Al-Tair, where we perform our fuse through a scenario full of enemies, projectiles, enemy fire and bosses. In this regard, the game contains an aspect of strategy, in which one or more wicks scan everything in a strategic environment in real time.

The game and history naturally offer improvements and various currencies and resources in the game. You can arm, reassemble and optimize your battle wicks as you wish, focusing on specific aspects of the fight.

Graphics and appearance

Out of the game, Iron Saga seems to have gone out of modern anime, with attractive models, animations, cards and everything. Within a fight or scenario, the game’s appearance stumbles and returns to basic animation and modeling, which is really appropriate given the real-time strategic side and frantic action. However, it is recommended that you have a slightly more powerful mobile device for enjoying the photos.


Iron Saga: Battle Mechas mobile game explaining why it managed to beat the market after the market. It’s flexible, fun, infinitely repeatable, and brings action RPG strategy from giant robot war. Happy Said The game works as planned, there are no “overflow” moments. The developers knew exactly what they wanted and how to create it, and this is our general impression. The gameplay is simple as it should be varied and varied when necessary, and there is an aspect of progress in the depth appropriate to all tastes of players.

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