Ps4 Wireless Headset Mic Not Working – Simplest Fixing Method

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Is your ps4 wireless headset mic not working? Though, all the headsets will not work with the ps4. If you have wireless headphones, then use a console. Many people ask how to connect unsupported Bluetooth to ps4, and it is possible by using an additional adapter or console.

The headphones with the 3.5 mm jack are compatible with the ps4. Also, check the settings that why isn’t the mic of the headset working with the ps4 device. Insert the headphone jack in the ps4’s jack correctly, and you will hear the click sound when it is inserted completely.

Ensure the compatibility of headphones before buying them for ps4.

What To Do If Ps4 Wireless Headset Mic Not Working?

Step 1. Correct The Position Of Mic

If your wireless headset mic is not working, you can change the inline volume control. For that, you have to switch the position of the mic, and it should be off. Ensure that the mic is not on the mute function.

Sometimes the mic is turned off, which is why you can’t hear sound from the headset. So you have to turn the mute function off for hearing the sound.

Move to step 2 if you are still facing the issue of the mic on your ps4 headset.

Step 2: Check The Headset With Any Other Device

You should check the headset by using it with any other device. For instance, use the mic with the phone or computer to check if the mic is working with other devices or not. You might not be hearing the sound from the mic because there is some technical fault in the headset. Therefore, you have to go for repairing the headset.

So you have to go to the retailer and ask for repairing or purchase the new headset for the best listening experience from the mic again.

Step 3: Check The Settings By Configuration

You need to check the settings of PS4 by configuration. Follow the following steps:

·         Go to the audio device settings of your PS4.

·         Now click on the input and output devices and change the headset controlling option.

·         You can change the output device settings from the chat to hear the sound from the headphones again.

·         Turn the volume level of the headset to the maximum level.

·         Lastly, you have to adjust the settings by adjusting the microphone level. The on-screen settings should be easily configuring the microphone.

If you can hear the other people from the other side, your voice is not being delivered, then check the microphone level sound of the PS4. You should have a secure internet connection. There are chances that you will have the in-game settings.

All in all, you can check the adjustment in the microphone level. The fault will be detected easily, and you can ask the company’s customer care service that you have the headset.

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