5 Things to Do on a MacBook Pro When Bored

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You should not be bored if you have a MacBook Pro. Computers offer plenty of options to entertain yourself. Not to mention that you can use the device to learn something.

Sure, for the most part, you will need an internet connection as well, but that is not mandatory for certain pastimes.

If you cannot come up with things to do on a MacBook Pro when bored yourself and are looking for suggestions, this article should come in quite handy.

Video Games

Let’s start with video games. You might not associate Macs with gaming, but these devices have decent enough hardware to run certain games.

Do not expect to enjoy the AAA experience on ultra settings, but if you are keen to try less-demanding titles resource-wise, go for them.

Indie games like Hades or Hallowed Knight are great examples of video games that you can enjoy on a MacBook.

As a pastime, gaming has been around for many years, and if you had not tried it before or played little games in the past, you might discover that it is one of the best ways to pass the time on a computer when you are bored.

YouTube and Twitch TV

Watching videos is one of those activities that require very little effort. YouTube is the go-to platform since it has the best content creators. Of course, you do not need to go for the top YouTubers. If you feel like discovering something less popular but interesting, do not hesitate and spend some time in the discovery section on the platform.

Twitch TV is also worth a shout. Instead of watching videos, you can tune in and check live streamers, trying their best to deliver engaging content to the viewers.

The platform consists mostly of video game channels, but you can also find streamers that offer different types of content, such as music, cooking, talk shows/podcasts, and so on.

Streaming Services

Streaming services have replaced the way we consume media. These days, there is no need to worry about purchasing physical disks and playing them on your DVD player. No, instead, you can subscribe to a streaming service, such as Netflix or Disney+, and watch movies and TV shows directly on your device without downloading the media.

The ongoing competition between different streaming services encourages them to invest money in producing original content to attract new viewers.

Besides movies and TV shows, there is also music. You can check Spotify, which is often the preferred option for listening to music. 

Finally, there is also the option to watch sports. Plenty of great events occur throughout the year, and you can usually catch the games live on streaming services. Some platforms even offer the option to watch the content after it aired in case you missed it.

Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance might not be on the list of the most exciting things to do when you are bored, but it is still worth consideration.

Using a MacBook for work, studies, and entertainment is better when you do not have to worry about crashes, freezes, slow loading speed, and other technical issues.

One of the key reasons behind these problems is poor storage management. You need to keep an eye on the state of the MacBook’s drive and delete files that become obsolete.

You should also consider uninstallers that can automate the process of deleting unwanted system junk, particularly temporary storage.

In addition to getting rid of unwanted files, you should also have some data that can be moved to external storage (clouds and hard drives or USB flash drives).

If you are also looking for other ways to improve the MacBook’s performance, the video below goes into in-depth details on how to do that.

Socializing With Others

Socializing with other people is another example of what you can do on a MacBook when you are feeling bored and want to kill a few hours.

Get in touch with your friends and family and see if they are up for a conversation. If everyone is busy, do not give up. Hop on social media or Discord and other similar communication platforms where you can talk to strangers. It might be a bit challenging to strike up a conversation at first, but if you are up for doing some socializing, you should get over the fears and meet some new people that you can talk to.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, there are quite a few different ways that you can pass the time on a MacBook when you are bored. Ultimately, it is about what you want to do. If there are usual pastimes that you stick to, then you can go with what works for you. And if you want to try something new, there is bound to be an activity or two as well.

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