How to Convert GIF Files to Video on Android and iPhone

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When it comes to converting GIFs from phone or tablet, there is an innumerable GIF to MP4 converted applications are at your service list. No doubt that they all are provided you with particular conversions, but limited features. Thus, we are going to list a few best apps that are packed with great features and let you export GIF as an Mp4 video file legitimately.

Let’s start! 

Why Need to Consider mobile GIF-to-MP4 converters?

There’s no doubt that all the smart devices become more and even more powerful every year. Depending on your preferences, you people may not require a computer every time to proceed with editing and conversion. There is a lot that you can do with the mentioned converter for GIF to Mp4 and get tremendous outcomes. However, for desktop Gif (animated or static) files to Mp4s conversion, try a free GIF to MP4 converter by that provides you with such conversions without any quality destruction. 


ImgPlay is indicated as the best app that is quite easy to use for saving GIF as an Mp4 file. It provides you with GIF creation feature that entirely fits specific requirements for various platforms. This GIF to MP4 converter app comes with a lot of room for turning GIF into Mp4 and you can do much creativity with your video file.

How to Use this GIF to video converter app for conversion:

  • At first, simply install and open the ImgPlay. Now, you ought to choose Edit GIF from the given drop-down list and choose a GIF image from an automatically organized gallery
  • You can see that the editing screen is divided into three parts: The top bar provided you with all frames of the video, the Middle one comes with currently edited elements, and the Bottom delivers available design options. Once your editing is completed, hit the Next option
  • Now, the Save or Share screen will display. It’s time just make a hitting to Save and choose video. This GIF to Mp4 converter allow you to choose between low and high quality and even set the number of repetitions

GIF to Video:

If you are seeking a very simple and straightforward GIF to Mp4 converter app for your Android phone, then this app works best for you. It provides you with no complex functionality beyond the basic cropping, trimming, and converting as well. You can now quickly convert and share GIF as Mp4 with the assistance of this app.

How to change with GIF to Video app?

  • At first, you need to choose a GIF file from your gallery and hit Convert
  • Then, simply hit the Download button to simply store the results in the gallery
  • Finally, you can be able to share your video on Instagram or other platforms (if required)


Explore now ample features from the source of this GIF to MP4 converter app. You could now easily adjust the speed, direction of playback, and frame rate within a couple of taps. Give a try to this handy GIF video converter app and share your works quickly and easily. 

Let’s take a look at how this app convert GIF images to Mp4 videos:

  • Install GifVide and open it. Then, just tap on the Create button for further proceeding
  • Now, simply choose the GIF to Video option

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