Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0 – Whiteout out now

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This update, Vampire Survivors Patch 1.7.0, which the creators call “The Chilling One,” gives the game a winter look with snow-themed graphics. There are now more achievements, a bonus stage, special relics that give PowerUps and let you change your character, a brand-new weapon that evolves, and a lot more. We’ll talk about specifics later, but the patch as a whole is pretty chunky.

Everything that was added in the Vampire Survivors update 1.7.0 patch for The Chilling One

We’ll go over everything that was added in the latest Vampire Survivors patch, which is a lot. This comes straight from the Steam page. There are six more achievements, a new stage called Whiteout, two new relics with character morphing and PowerUps, a brand-new weapon with evolution mechanics, and a new playable character named She-Moon Eeta. There is also an extra music track to make the game more fun.

Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0

Whiteout is an extra 20-minute stage where players will face a unique challenge with enemies that move slowly and can be hit by fire weapons. Funny snowmen on this stage may get in the way, but they also hold valuable rewards like Orologions, which are needed to unlock this stage.


  • Unlocked by picking up 20 Orologions
  • Enemies move slowly and take bonus damage from fire weapons
  • It’s intended to be an early-game stage, so it’s a lot easier than other bonus stages like Tiny Bridge or Astral Stair

New Weapons

The Glass Fandango

Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0

Glass Fandango is a brand-new weapon that you can get in Whiteout. The attacks are faster when it’s moving and normal when it’s not. It does more damage to enemies that are frozen and gets extra abilities when Orologions freeze time. It can be evolved into Celestial Voulge, which changes the way time freeze works and gives players a chance to deal critical hits and freeze enemies.

  • Starting item of She-Moon Eeta
  • Attacks faster in the faced direction when moving
  • Deals extra damage to frozen enemies
  • Gains extra Area during the time-freezing effect of Orologion
  • Evolves with maxed Wings

Celestial Voulge

  • Evolved version of Glass Fandango (requires maxed Wings)
  • Has a chance to deal critical hits to frozen enemies
  • Changes how Orologions work: Enemies appear frozen and deal no damage as usual, but keep moving towards the player. Deals continuous damage.

Profusione D’Amore

  • Evolved version of Celestial Dusting (requires the Chaos Altemanna relic)
  • It still shoots flowers, but also shoots floating leaves that occasionally bloom into a chain reaction of explosions.

New Character

Vampire Survivors Update 1.7.0

She-Moon Eeta

She-Moon Eeta, a defensive character with high Armor and Movement Speed, is added to the game’s character roster. The CriticalHP skill she has is unique. It freezes time for 10 seconds when her health drops below 25%, similar to Orologions. But this skill will only work again once the character’s health is back to 100%.

  • Unlocked by surviving 20 minutes in Whiteout
  • Starts with Glass Fandango
  • A defensive character with increased Armor & Mov Speed
  • When she falls below 25% HP, she freezes all enemies for 10 seconds

Tweaks & Bugfixes

  • Fixed weapon spacing in arcanas list to accommodate new weapons.
  • Fixed Je-ne-viv world eater logic causing slowdown.
  • Fixed bought character’s in secrets menu.
  • Fixed revive animation not being scaled correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Je-ne-viv crashing Il Molise.
  • Fixed quit button audio cutoff.
  • Fixed bestiary enemies scaling up and down incorrectly.
  • Fixed resolution dropdrop displaying incorrect resolution.
  • Fixed Cosmic Egg display in Bestiary.
  • Fixed World Eater crashing with lots of eggs.
  • Fixed Trinacria in Bestiary.

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