New game from ‘Universe LOL’, Hextech Mayhem arrives for PC, Switch and Netflix

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Hextech Mayhem is a new rhythm runner game involving the League of Legends (LOL) universe. The game, published by Riot Forge and developed by Choice Provisions, consists of advancing the map by following commands that appear on the screen, influencing the soundtrack, and causing explosions wherever it goes. The title is set in Piltover, a city that appears in the Arcane series, launched on Netflix last Saturday (6). The platform will even receive the new game “soon.” Remember that game support has recently arrived, and titles are available in the app itself.

Before reaching the streaming service, Hextech Mayhem is already available in pre-order for PC via Steam, Epic Games, and coming even for Nintendo Switch. The TechTudo questioned the Riot about a possible launch in app stores since the mobile format is available via Netflix, but there is no information.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is the game’s original title, set in one of the central locations shown in Arcane, the city of Piltover. The game is rhythm runner type and features Ziggs as the main character. He’s a yordle with a specialty in Hexplosives (also dealt with throughout the recently released series) and needs to get away from Heimerdinger; a scientist called a “big guy” by Riot.

There aren’t many details about the rival’s motivations in this pursuit, but it involves preventing Ziggs from building a kind of super-bomb, described as “the biggest bomb Runeterra has ever seen.” The player’s role is to help the yordle in this mission, with jumps and bomb attacks across the map.

One of the interesting points is the presence of a soundtrack that promises to command the user’s rhythm throughout the gameplay. Ziggs must dodge objects, hit enemies, and follow the rhythm shown on the screen, with up and down arrows that will move the character, cause explosions and influence the music of each stage.

It is worth noting the initiative of Riot Forge, which has partnerships with independent developers and is responsible for publishing. The strategy helps increase the range of options involving the LOL universe, something that Riot Games has been exploring quite a bit recently.

In addition to Hextech Mayhem, developed by Choice Provisions, Forge already has another game on the way: Ruined King announced in 2019 and produced by Airship Syndicate. A single-player RPG, will also have more news soon and promises to introduce the LOL universe to beginners.

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