How to Save Your Game in Alan Wake 2

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Learn how to save your game in Alan Wake 2 without losing any progress. The first Alan Wake came out a long time ago, so it goes without saying that the bar has been raised. That may be why Remedy, the company that made Alan Wake 2, went all out to make it an exciting ride, with epic set pieces, scary situations, and more. Since it’s a much bigger and tougher game, you’ll probably want to save your progress every so often. How do you save your Alan Wake 2 game?

How to Save Your Game in Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, can you save by yourself?

Yes, you can. To save your game in Alan Wake 2.

  1. Go to “Break Rooms” in the game.
  2. Interact with the thermos there.

But, there’s a catch:

  • You can’t save on your own until you get to the game’s second chapter called “Return 2: The Heat”.
  • The first place where you can save this way is at “The Witch’s Hut at Cauldron Lake” after you’ve fixed the fuse box.
  • This option comes about 1 hour into the game.
  • There aren’t many Break Rooms, so you can’t save any time you like. This makes the game more exciting and scary.

Ways to Save Your Game in Alan Wake 2

  1. Manually: Go to a Break Room and use the thermos.
  2. Autosave: The game saves on its own often, especially after big scenes. So, if you’re out of the game suddenly, you won’t lose much.

Does Alan Wake 2 save itself?

In short, yes and no. Alan Wake 2 has save points inside of Break Rooms, but there are only a certain number of these spots in the whole game. In other words, you can’t save by hand whenever you want. Autosave will save your work as you move through the story to make up for this.

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