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The Nintendo Switch is a practical device if you want to gamble and don’t always want to sit in front of the TV. The handheld mode is extremely practical because I can sit on the bed or in the garden with the device and gamble here. With the Nintendo Switch OLED, at least one model with an improved display has been introduced.

The biggest annoyance with the Switch is the battery life. You’ve hardly gambled for maybe 3 hours on the go when you’re already looking for a free socket. Demanding games, in particular, put a strain on the battery. And at some point, my girlfriend and I got so annoyed by the battery life that I started looking for a suitable alternative. The result is an upgrade for 15 euros, with which my girlfriend can play on her Switch for a whole afternoon without constantly needing a socket.

We go over some of the best deals available right now on the Nintendo eShop. Do not miss these nine essential games for Switch that are reduced to less than 15 euros. Nintendo’s digital store usually offers a few special temporary discounts from time to time. On this occasion, many games have received interesting discounts, and we bring you some of the most relevant for Switch. Only a few days will you find these nine games for less than 15 euros. We have a bit of everything from acclaimed indies to great shooters. However, do not hesitate to consult the entire list in the eShop.

For 15 euros I was able to double the battery life of the switch

What is this device? The upgrade I bought is a “portable power bank.” You can use it on the go and operate with the switch without the need for additional cables. The portable power bank offers 10,000 mAh, and the switch only has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4,310 mAh.

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