Autonauts are Available for Xbox and Consoles Launch Date and Trailer

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Curve Games and Denki have released the BAFTA-winning base building, management, and automation sim Autonauts to Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. London, 16th June 2022 – Curve Games and Denki are proud to launch the BAFTA award-winning base-building, management, and automation sim, Autonauts, on XBOX, PlayStation, and Switch today.

The Autonauts console version is a brand-new player experience, providing fans with an evolved tutorial and structure that enables them to hone their coding skills more quickly and effectively. Conveniently code mechanical helpers by showing them what to do step-by-step, be it cooking, farming, mining, construction, and so much more; then sit back and watch your automation ‘ant farm’ carry out their duties.

Autonauts combines the best of coding, crafting, simulation, world-building, production-line, and resource management to create a truly remarkable experience unlike any other.

A brand new gaming experience, the Autonauts console version offers fans an evolved tutorial and structure that allows them to improve their programming skills faster and more effectively. Easily program mechanical helpers, showing them step-by-step what they must do, be it cooking, farming, mining, construction, and more; then sit back and watch your automated “ant farm” go about its business.

Autonauts combines the best programming, crafting, simulation, world-building, assembly line work, and resource management into a truly fantastic experience. Create the automated world of your dreams on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XS, and Nintendo Switch today.

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