Archero guide Beginner Tips & Tricks, Best equipment, weapons

In this Article We’re taking a look at some beginner’s tips that should help you when starting out in Archero guide!

The Archero Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners will give you valuable knowledge on your way to becoming a pro at the game! This can be a challenging game from the get-go, so it’s a good idea to have some additional information when you start playing.

Archero is a lot like roguelite, where you play and as soon as you die you start over. If you’ve ever played Binding of Isaac, you’ll be well versed in this style of play. The creators of the game have come up with a great way to keep things fun. You gain new talents as you level up on your account and eventually gain access to gear. Developing your arsenal and your skills will be the main key to success as you progress through the game.

Archero is a deceptively simple game, but entering new classes can be extremely difficult without the correct knowledge. To help you move forward, we’ve put together this Archero guide, covering everything from basic gameplay to skill menus and hero levels for beginners and warriors alike.

While this article serves as a general purpose Archero’s Guide that’s packed with helpful tips and tricks, we’ve put together two more that you can check out below. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Archero’s gameplay, heroes, abilities, talents, and more!

Archero guide: Tips & Tricks

Know Your Enemies

It’s very important to know the attack of each enemy you are up against. Some enemies fire directly in front of them, some fire at a diagonal, some delay their fire, and lots of other variations. This will take some time to learn, but it makes all the difference when making it further into the game.

Best Early Abilities

When you level up, you’ll get your choice of an ability. Here’s some of the ones I recommend when you are starting out:

  • Ricochet – Your arrows bounce between monsters, this one is really good early on when you aren’t fighting tougher bosses.
  • Front Arrow – You fire an additional arrow in front of you for each boost you have of this.
  • Attack Speed – Faster attacks are always a welcome addition.
  • Blaze – Does extra damage when you land a shot.
  • Bloodthirst – Restores some health on kills.

Stick and Move!

You have to stay still to attack, but you don’t want to be in the same place for long! It is always better to avoid a shot than to stand there and receive another attack. Maintaining your overall health is one of the most important aspects of the game, and this is especially important from the start.

There are times when this is not always the case, but it is a good rule of thumb.

Standing Still When You’re Safe

If you know the enemy’s attack pattern, you can stand still and launch attacks whenever it is safe to do so. A good example of this is the trunks of the trees you fight in the first zone. They always throw leaves forward, backward, left and right. So if you’re standing a little at an angle away from them. You will be safe by shooting as many arrows as possible.

Archero guide Beginner Tips & Tricks, Best equipment, weapons

Always Try to Upgrade at Angels

Unless you are really low on health, try to select the upgrade at the Angels. You will hopefully either get healed by killing an enemy, or by having an ability.

Archero equipment guide: Play to your style

Min-maxers may want to jump right to the best possible Archero equipment, but the differences between options are generally small. All weapons, armor, pets, and other equipment are viable, so to have the most fun with the game pick the ones you enjoy the most.

There is another caveat to mention before we get to the category lists. For starters, the best weapon, armor, etc. from Archero will be the rarest option I have collected and leveled. Epic teams get additional stats that generally do much better than common, cool, or rare teams.

With that out of the way, let’s head over to our Archer Gear Guide, starting with weapons.

Best Archero weapon

Archero’s first major gear choice is your weapon. As mentioned above, all weapons are applicable and the best option for you will depend on your play style.

If you like attacking at super fast speed, then a saw blade will be more fun for you. If you prefer slow attacks that deal massive damage, try the Death Scythe.

Below is a simple list of Archero weapon classes with the pros and cons of each weapon. They’re more or less listed based on strength, although the best Archero weapon for you depends on your personal preferences and your luck with drop rates.

Brightspear-High damage
-Near instant travel time
-Very easy to use
-Slow attack animation
-Weak knockback
Stalker Staff-Attacks follow targets
-Very strong with diagonal arrows
-High damage with the right abilities
-Easy to use
-Projectiles are slow
-Very reliant on abilities
-May bog down older smartphones
Death Scythe-Highest damage
-Large projectile hitbox
-Big knockback
-Very slow attack speed
-Slow projectile speed
Tornado-Built-in pierce and bouncy effects
-Large projectile hitbox
-Great early weapon
-Weak against bosses
-Can be difficult to hit
Saw Blade-Fastest attack speed
-Great with headshot ability
-Low damage
-Small projectile hitbox
-Hard to stutter step
Brave Bow-Easy to stutter step
-Fast projectiles
-Synergizes with crit builds
-Outclassed by other weapons
-Small projectile hitbox

Best Archero armor

When it comes to armor, your best bet from the start is the rare gear you have. Once you get to more difficult chapters, there is a clear winner, although most of the options still apply depending on your play style.

Once upgraded to rare, all shields gain 20% Red Hearts healing and in Saga gain a unique ability. However, basic skill is usually the deciding factor. Here’s a simple list of Archero Armor levels, again listed in order of strength.

Vest of Dexterity-7% dodge makes it the clear best choice
-Lightning damage is a decent addition
Golden Chestplate-5% damage resistance moderately useful
-Flame damage is a decent addition
Phantom Cloak-10% damage reduction but only for projectiles
-Freeze only applies when hit
Void Robe-10% crash damage reduction is the least useful
-Poison damage is a decent addition

Best Archero pets/spirits

When it comes to pets (or spirits), you have a lot of freedom to choose which animals you like best. You can choose two, and if you have a favorite, you can even equip two of the same Archero pet, although it will be difficult to combine them.

All Archero animals receive the same rewards in rare and epic cases, and they are all the same size when blocking projectiles with Wing Ability. However, its damage will be minimal as you progress, so don’t prioritize leveling it over weapons or armor.

Without going into a complete list, it is generally accepted that the best archer is the laser bat. Not only can its attacks penetrate walls, it almost guarantees projectile impact with near-instantaneous travel time. Sickle Mage and Elf are also applicable, but Live Grenade’s attacks are too slow to deliver reliable damage.

Best Archero rings

Archero Loops have very little impact on the game, but provide useful power-ups to help you stay alive or deal damage. In terms of base damage to max, bear and hawk are the only two options that work against bosses. The bosses are not counted as united or fought, so the wolf and the snake do not work.

However, these initial damage boosters are negligible compared to the flat supports obtained in rare and higher cases. This makes the Snake Ring the best option, with a 7% dodge that could change the game. You can also wear two matching rings for a 14% dribble chance, which could be the difference between life and death in hectic moments.

Like the spirits mentioned above, upgrading the Archero rings won’t make much of a difference, so it’s best to save your coins for other upgrades.

Best Archero lockets and bracelets

The last pieces of Archero gear you’ll unlock are medals and bracelets. We won’t go into a complete list of them either, but there are a few things to keep in mind once you open them. Regarding bracelets, the best choice for you depends on your playing style. Frozen Armband offers superb crowd control with the highest rarity, and Thunder Armband is your best bet on raw damage.

As for Archero lockets, the clear winner is the agile locket, which increases dodge when below 20% HP. The dodge stat is Archero’s only get-out-of-jail-free card, and it should never be underestimated.

Both lockets and bracelets are worth leveling up as soon as you have enough scrolls, as they provide always-useful boosts to max HP and attack. Locket and bracelet scrolls are quite rare though, so don’t expect to level them quickly.

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