5 Best Cloud Games Currently Available on Nintendo Switch

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What is cloud gaming? Cloud gaming is a type of online video gaming that operates on remote servers and streams directly to a user’s device or plays a game remotely from a cloud. Users will require a reliable, high-speed internet connection for sending gaming information to an app or browser installed on the recipient device. It’s just like Netflix, Picashow, or other streaming platform where users can watch videos directly over the internet without the need to purchase expensive hardware devices. But the only difference is that the server where the video streaming is coming from can also pick up and react to your inputs. That means you don’t require a new Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a video gaming console developed by Nintendo and released worldwide in 2017. It may be used as a home console or a portable device. With its wireless Joy-Con controllers, it gives an enthralling gaming experience. User input is provided by normal buttons and directional analog sticks on the Nintendo Switch. To facilitate handheld play, the Joy-Con controller can be attached to both sides of the system. The Nintendo Switch combines three modes into one: TV mode, tablet mode, and handheld mode. It also has multi-player gaming features like local co-op, local, wireless, and online play. It allows you to connect up to eight Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems. Nintendo Switch offers tremendous features that include turning on the TV, Bluetooth pairing, voice-chatting, remapping buttons, finding lost Joy-Con, sharing with friends, and much more. 

5 Best Cloud games on Nintendo Switch 

  1. A Plague Tale: Innocence Cloud Version

A Plague Tale: Innocence is one of the best action-adventure stealth games available on the Nintendo cloud switch platform. The story of this game revolves around a noble girl named Amicia de Rune and her ill brother Hugo. They are on the run from the soldiers of the French Inquisition and the never-ending onslaught of plague rats. As a player, you will play the character of Amicia where you need to escape from dangerous attacks, treacherous guards, and large swarms of plague rates to save your brother Hugo. You’ll control Amicia using different forms of ammo like sleep or firebombs or limited tools. From these tools, you can hide from enemies, distract, or knock out soldiers, escape rat hordes, and solve puzzles. It’s a fantastic, compelling story with alive characters.

  1. Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version

Control Ultimate Edition is the third-person shooter released in 2019 across multiple platforms and ported to Nintendo switch in 2020. This game offers two play modes that are known as enhanced graphic mode and enhanced performance mode. An enhanced graphics mode offers players reflections and more realistic lighting. While enhanced performance mode appears pretty neat, whenever the camera moves, the ray-tracing makes things look fuzzy around the edges. 

As a player, you will play the character of Jesse, a woman who has spent her life searching for the mysterious United States Bureau of Control, a government organization that investigates paranormal activity and which Jesse believes kidnapped her brother Dylan. However, her search for answers coincides with the agency’s internal attack by bizarre brainwashing phenomena known as The Hiss. 

Fists, psychokinetic skills, and even brainwashing certain enemies into temporary allies are all part of the game, as is shooting enemies dead with your rifle. It helps you in solving puzzles, defeating opponents, defeating bosses, etc. 

  1. The Forgotten City – Cloud Version

The Forgotten City – Cloud Version is one of the best mysterious games that use one of the best premises. It features a gripping narrative with memorable and unique characters that demonstrates its fascinating distinct world and gameplay mechanics. The player of this game will wake up on a riverbank and are required to help their friend who has entered an ancient Roman temple. 

Players will find themselves transported back about 2000 years in the past to an actual Roman civilization in an underground city which is leaded by the Roam temple. This Roman city is terrorized by an unpredictable curse engraved within the walls of the city: “The many shall suffer for the sins of the one”. From here you can explore what is going on within the city if there is any way out of here and how this place came to be cursed. Players will meet a large cast of characters, each of them having their own perception on the matter and following a particular cycle through town. As you gradually uncover the mysteries, you’ll discover that this city and its residents have more secrets than they’re willing to share. 

  1. Hitman III – Cloud Version

Hitman 3 is a cloud version essentially the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Its story revolves around the protagonist, named Agent 47, who was brought to different real-world locations such as Paris, Mumbai, and Berlin. It represents the final entry in the world of the Assassination trilogy. Every location features one or two main targets that must be strangled, drowned, stabbed, or crushed.  In addition to discrete story missions that allow for exciting and inventive ways to penetrate your target’s office or business, you can spend hours researching the buildings, rooms, and outdoor settings for discovering hidden weapons and secrets. The cut scenes of the story are provocative, brief, and engaging, and they signify the visual peek of what the Switch version displays. 

  1. Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard n action-adventure horror game that came to Nintendo Switch in May 2018. This game has a playable character named Ethan Winters, who is portrayed as an ordinary civilian searching for his missing wife within a dilapidated estate in Louisiana. The player of this game will control Ethan Winters, helping him to find his lost wife. Players will solve puzzles and fight with enemies in this game. The game features amazing graphics with some outstanding shots of the outer forest. It’s a captivating game with a compelling storyline. 

Final words 

The Nintendo Switch is gaining huge popularity in the video gaming world. Players who love to play video games over the cloud platform can consider the above described best five cloud games that are available on the Nintendo Switch. The games are mysterious, adventurous, and fun to play with unique characters and gameplay techniques. Each of the five-game has a distinct storyline that keeps you interested and hooked throughout the game. If you’re a game enthusiast, then you should try these five cloud video games. 

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