V Rising: How to Get Leather – Guide

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V Rising has taken the PC community by storm. The Early Access vampire survival game has already garnered the attention of over 1,000,000 budding bloodsuckers. Those who are getting started on their dreams of becoming as mighty as Dracula himself have a way to go before reaching that coveted peak over power.

The journey begins small and budding vampires are likely to wonder how to acquire leather for early crafting recipes. We have you covered on that front, so read on.

Leather in V Rising is a valuable commodity in the early game, letting you craft stronger armor and other essential items. While the tutorial leads you almost where you need to go, it stops just shy of telling you how to get leather. Getting leather in V Rising takes some grinding and tracking down a specific boss, not to mention hundreds of animal hides, so plan on setting aside a bit of time to get started.

V Rising: How to Get Leather - Guide

How to Get Leather in V Rising

To get started, ensure you have crafted a Blood Altar within your castle. Once complete, use it to track the level 20 boss named Keely the Frost Archer. One of the five rewards for defeating Keely is the Tannery (cost: 8 planks, 160 animal hide), a new crafting station responsible for developing leather. A single piece of leather can be crafted at your new Tannery using 16 animal hides.

Now you are on your way to getting those humble castle beginnings upgraded to something more formidable and fitting for a vampire of your soon-to-be stature.

You unlock the ability to build a Tannery by defeating Keely The Frost Archer, a Level 20 boss who resides in the Bandit Trapper Camp east of the Farbane Woods. Check the below map (or our V Rising boss locations guide) to see exactly where to find Keely. You can also build a Blood Altar in your castle and use it to track Keely’s exact location.

Animal Hide is far easier to obtain out in the world, as most animals in the Farbane Woods drop them in bulk when they die. So a Tannery should be a high priority for any new V Rising player. Once you’ve defeated Keely, return to your castle and build a Tannery out of the following resources:

  • 160x Animal Hide
  • 8x Planks

Then interact with the Tannery and place your Animal Hide in the input grid to begin crafting the Hide into Leather. Each piece of Leather takes 16 Animal Hide to craft, so you may need to go on hunting expeditions, killing creatures such as wolves and bears in the Farbane Woods to increase your Animal Hide stockpile.

How to use Leather in V Rising

Leather is an essential resource in V Rising. Here are some of the most important things you can do with Leather at the beginning of the game:

  • Upgrade your Castle Heart to level 2
  • Craft your first Crossbow at a Woodworking Bench
  • Craft armor and clothing at a Simple Workbench
  • Repair your armor and tools
  • Craft a Copper Castle Key at a Simple Workbench
  • Craft Cloth at a Loom

The most important one is upgrading your Castle Heart to level 2. This costs 12 Leather and 12 Copper Ingots, the latter of which we cover how to get in our V Rising Copper guide. When you have these ingredients, head to the Castle Heart, interact with it, and press the upgrade button at the top of the Castle Heart menu. Upgrading your Castle Heart completes the “Expanding My Domain” quest, allowing you to progress through subsequent quests and unlock more rewards. It also increases the number of borders you can attach to your Castle Heart, allowing you to build an enormous castle.

How To Build a Tannery to Make Leather in V Rising

You will need to have a castle first. So go and build that; the tutorials should show you how. Now you will need to build a Blood Altar in the castle. Use the Blood Altar to track the boss called Keely the Frost Archer, who is at level 20. Defeat Keely in the Farbane Woods to unlock the Tannery.

You should at least match her with level 20 to ensure that the fight won’t be too much of a struggle. Keely shouldn’t be much of a problem, but she is surrounded by annoying bandits who make the fight somewhat more complicated. So ensure you are prepared, have leveled up enough, and carry good enough gear to sweep the floor with them.  Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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