Space Soulslike Hellpoint Finally Gets Xbox Series X|S Version 2022

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Space Soulslike Hellpoint Finally Gets Xbox Series X|S Version 2022

Officially launched in 2020, Hellpoint would have a version for the new generation released in 2021, but it received several delays, even without a new release date. Today, that date has finally appeared, and the space Soulslike will arrive for Xbox Series X|S on July 12th, along with its Blue Sun expansion.

This new version will feature Hellpoint with 4K resolution, 60 FPS performance and reduced load times. Players who already own the game will receive the update to the next generation for free.

In addition, the title will also receive, on this same date, the Blue Sun DLC, which takes players to even stranger and never-before-seen locations within Irid Novo, with all the influence of the cosmic gods, as well as the actual cause of the cataclysm. . The content will also include new armor sets and two-handed weapons, inventory management features, and stat specs.

Sci-fi souls like Hellpoint are getting an Xbox Series X|S upgrade in July, publisher tinyBuild has announced, alongside new DLC.

Hellpoint was first announced to be coming to “next-gen” consoles over a year ago, with the free upgrade offering “pin-sharp” 4K resolutions, 60FPS performance, and drastically improved loading times on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Launching alongside the next-gen update is Hellpoint’s Blue Sun DLC, offering up a new adventure that sees the Spawn delving into new locations, beholding the influence of the cosmic gods, and discovering the actual cause of the Merge cataclysm. Hellpoint: Blue Sun and the next-gen upgrade arrive on 12th July 2022. 

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