Shumi Come Home Gameplay Review

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Shumi Come Home, an adventure exploration game set in an open world, created by the SomeHumbleOnion studio team, released by Mooneye Studios, and the LOST EMBER games to their credit , also in VR and Haven Park.

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The publisher announced that Shumi Come Home would be playable at Gamescom 2023. Attendees will be able to get an early look at the game before release.

Shumi Come Home Gameplay Review

Shumi Come Home is my first game, and I’m learning incredibly much while working on every aspect of game development. I am so happy to have the support of Mooneye’s team behind me from now on and cannot wait to show our labour of love to the world”, says developer Noah Lone.

Shumi Come Home – Opis gry

Shumi Come Home is a cosy exploration adventure game in which you play as a tiny mushroom trying to come home! Play as Shumi who has been taken from his home unexpectedly and dropped in the middle of the forest. Lost and confused, you must travel through different areas of the forest and find your way back with your new tools and other forest creatures.

Run, slide, climb and swim through different areas of the forest! Talk to bizarre forest creatures you will meet along the way. Some of them may offer their help and others may need yours! Embark on various adventures to get back home! Some of them may have a lightweight platformer while others involve light puzzle-solving!

Main features of the game: 

  • Explore different areas of the forest at your own pace. There are no time limits or game interruptions!
  • Fun and retro pixelated 3D aesthetic that can be turned on or off!
  • Take on adventures with lightweight platforming and puzzle solving!
  • Graj jako flipping MUSHROOM!!!

Shumi Come Home Description

Shumi Come Home is a single-player adventure where you explore the world as a tiny mushroom named Shumi, who is lost in the woods. The game is meant to be relaxing and adventurous as players are encouraged to take on events at their own pace as Shumi interacts with the world and the forest’s inhabitants.

Crunchy Pixels

One of the very first aspects I worked on when starting the game’s development was the art direction. I’m always drawn to the art first in games, so naturally, this was my first step in development. I wanted to embrace that tiny-world aesthetic, so I pulled a lot of inspiration from my favourite game series, Pikmin. But I didn’t want to go for a realistic look like they did, so I decided to try a simpler, stylistic look.

The 3D-pixelated aesthetic is something I’ve always been drawn to for some reason. When I decided to go in that direction for the art, I knew I wanted to keep things low-poly and simple so there is visual clarity with the pixelation turned on while still having some nice details for those who want the pixelation off (since it’s completely optional). This direction heavily influenced the methodologies behind the art creation because everything had to be pixel-perfect now while preventing the scenery from being too noisy.

 Shumi Come Home gameplay trailer

Shumi Come Home hardware requirements

Shumi Come Home minimum requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher operating system

Data premier Shumi Come Home

Shumi Come Home is to be premiered on Steam platforms, in the PC version in 2023. 

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