Rust Update 1.83 Full Patch Notes

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The game’s console versions now have the 1.83 Rust update from Double Eleven. There are several bug fixes in a variety of areas in this release. See the Rust patch notes below.

Rust Update 1.83 Full Patch Notes

Rust update 1.81: Patch notes

How to play

  • A problem that allowed players to cut across terrain when seated in a chair has been fixed.
  • A issue that caused an interactable to become useless when pressed soon after opening has been fixed.
  • Looting is no longer feasible since the player’s body is no longer visible through things.
  • Fixed an issue where firing numerous grenade launchers might result in a reduction in FPS.
  • Players are no longer lost in the game when they press “Sort” on the locked container inventory.
  • No longer are players able to murder other players who are sound asleep in a safe area.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dead player models to go into T-pose.
  • Scrappile Scientists no longer appear floating over scrappiles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a soft lock while on the map if you spammed Kill & Respawn fast enough.
  • The scientists’ flashlights now turn on when night falls.
  • Incendiary Missiles now match the Steam version.
  • Fixed a bug that caused rowboats to be thrown too high when detonated with explosives.
  • Barrels no longer produce small white hit marks when attacked with a melee weapon.
  • Half walls no longer become invisible when upgrading from twig to wood.
  • Player head rotation is now correct when using a computer station.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented horses from galloping or auto-cantering.
  • Horse gear can no longer be stacked by spamming the Carry button.
  • Horses no longer run through cliffs at full speed after the player dismounts.
  • The third-person player’s head no longer snaps erratically when looking down from the horse.
  • Players will no longer be thrown when dropping horse armor from inventory/crates.
  • The reload animation for other players is now visible.
  • Sleeping player models can now be visually seen while sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in players being unable to walk through opening doors.
  • The supply drop signal is now visible in the air.
  • The wire/hose can now be connected to the fluid pump/electrical branch.
  • The POV is no longer occasionally underground when spawning before waking up.


  • The launch pad ramp now has the correct collision.
  • Fixed a gap in the area below the rocket crane at the launch site.
  • Fixed inconsistencies when attempting to clear a specific vent at the launch site.
  • The lights in the airfield watchtowers now have the correct brightness.
  • Players are now properly pulled along by the cargo ship.
  • Scientist body bags appear properly after the cargo ship disappears.
  • The airport switch is now at the correct rotation.
  • Fixed a small gap in the station area that players could look through and shoot.
  • Fixed a bug where Watchtower Bandits would stop shooting when a player stood in a certain corner.
  • There are no longer any stuck candles on the workbench in the bandit camp.
  • Bandit Camp boat doors now work with Steam.
  • Bandits in the bandit camp no longer miss shots when a player is standing near them.
  • The small water catcher at the outpost has been repaired.
  • Outpost lights now produce the correct amount of light.
  • The quarry and pump jack belt no longer stops abruptly.
  • The rig scientists’ flashlights no longer shine through walls.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Junkpile Scientists to no longer patrol before and after combat.
  • Rowboats can now easily be turned back to their original position when upside down.
  • Red Xs on trees no longer move as sporadically.
  • The red X on the palm tree is easier to hit.
  • Fixed a bug that caused animals to be inside buildings and run through closed doors.
  • Players can now accept the Diving Master mission in the Great Fishing Village.
  • Cave/underground lighting has now been reduced for parts of the day.
  • Oxygen levels are no longer displayed when a player exits the water while carrying a scuba tank.
  • The animation when eating horses has been corrected.
  • Fixed gaps in stone wall bases.
  • Terrain grass now spawns on steep cliffs.
  • The enemy timer radius around safe zones has been adjusted to an appropriate size.
  • Fixed shadows on overhead, flashing and siren lights.
  • Bullet holes no longer glow when shooting wild boars.
  • Projectiles no longer fly through the front of the metal shop.
  • Players can no longer get caught in the concrete supports of the electricity pylons.
  • Bullets no longer pass through the Recycler Room window.
  • The Small Shark model is now the correct size.
  • Player skin color no longer matches between first person and menu.
  • Fixed horse eating animation.
  • Fixed FPS issue when staying in the forest biome during the day.


  • Adjusting audio sliders now affect in-game Audio.
  • Fixed various audio bugs.
  • Fixed Horseback SFX.
  • Filling up a Water Jug now stops the SFX when full.


  • Various UI fixes.
  • Fixed a bug causing a softlock when dropping/unequipping Horse Saddlebags when the cursor is in the storage area.
  • Spam cancelling the “Trying to Connect” pop up no longer breaks Main Menu input.
  • Players no longer get the yellow error text when dismounting an impaled Horse.
  • Sleeping bag timer now updates in real-time on the Map.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when holding a stake and looking at a water purifier.
  • Fixed a null reference check for motorboat fuel.
  • Fixed a possible crash in a rare biome.
  • Various graphical fixes for graphics, textures and rendering in the game.
  • Trophy/Achievement Adjustments.
  • Setting jumps in the options menu now update according to the dependent setting.
  • Fixed several visual issues that caused items/locations to become invisible.
  • Fixed various collision issues.
  • Fixed various bugs that caused servers to freeze.
  • FPS fixes in the Skin Store.
  • The boost multiplier remains when default settings are applied.

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