OSRS Android Open Beta is Out Now! 

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OSRS’s Android version just entered the open beta stage. This means that while the game is already up and running there’s still a substantial amount of development happening behind the scenes. Mobile apps require testing of features and the ironing out of bugs so that players can farm OSRS gold or level up in peace.

Why Have an Open OSRS Android Open Beta?

Beta releases are where incoming features are tested. If these features don’t go through these tests, they can break the game when applied. No player wants that, so a beta release is a good testing ground prior to a full, and hopefully bug-free, full release.

Testers will have to find as many problems with the feature as they can. That way, the devs can patch those up and have a clean release. Also, they can get it finely tuned or find other kinds of problems. Things like the feature not working as described or not resulting in the expected effect.

Even with a rigorous testing phase problems can still slip through the cracks. Fortunately, those will be quite small and easy to patch, unless the testers somehow missed it. At any rate, beta testing stages make sure that the new features will work as intended and not break the game.

What’s Up For This OSRS Open Beta?

Here are the features being tested during this open beta period:

  • Buff Bars
  • XP Tracker
  • Minimap Zoom
  • Fishing Spot Indicators
  • HUD Improvements
  • Agility and Slayer Helpers as well as one for the Chambers of Xeric
  • Woodcutting and Ore Respawn Timers
  • Increased Draw Distance
  • Navigation Tile Indicators
  • Chat Improvements
  • Entity Highlights for NPCs

These are features that were introduced for the Steam Client that will be new to the mobile version. Remember that these can’t just be ported as-is. The PC/Steam client works on a different OS and has a different control scheme than the mobile one. Trying to do so without adjusting stuff can be disastrous to the mobile version and render it unplayable.

That’s why beta testing stages are important. Testing reveals problems big and small, which the developers can then identify and fix. When the release date comes, it’s a smooth transition and everybody wins. The players will be satisfied with the feature and continue playing and developers don’t have to scramble to solve a big problem as well.

How to Join the OSRS Android Open Beta 

First, you’ll have to go to the Play Store. If there’s an update available for the app, update it first. If you’re already on the page for the game, scroll down to the ‘Join the beta’ section. Under it is a button that says ‘Join’. Tap it and then tap ‘Join’ in the prompt that appears.

Otherwise, tap your account icon on the upper right. Choose ‘Manage apps and devices’, then ‘Installed’. Look for the OSRS app and open its page. Same as above, scroll down to the beta section and press ‘Join’ twice. Now that you’ve joined the beta, do the work to make the game better!

There could also be OSRS accounts for sale that are eligible for beta. Still, joining it is easy enough that it’s a little superfluous to do so. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to join the beta.

How to Leave the OSRS Open Beta

The steps are mostly the same as joining. Open up the OSRS app page by searching it or through your installed apps. The beta section should say you’re a beta tester, and the option is to ‘Leave’. Tap it and then tap ‘Leave’ again on the prompt that appears. With that, you’ve opted out of beta testing.

Additional Notes

Here are some device specifications to run the app and join the beta: at least at Android 8 and has 2GB RAM at minimum. With this kind of requirement, even those with older devices can play and join the beta.

An iOS beta would be next once the Android beta reaches some of the dev’s goals. It’s coming soon, after a bit of waiting. Apple users will need to be patient!

Judging from the recent logs, the errors seen during the beta cannot be hot fixed (or patched after release with minimal interruption). That means they have to be fixed before release or risk a big interruption in the future.

If you’re a tester, make sure to answer the Feedback Survey with as many details as you can mention. This will help the developers focus and prioritize areas to fix, as well as point out potential issues. That’s the main reason for doing a beta anyway. Otherwise, if you’re the type to just enjoy skilling, bossing, or farming OSRS gold, it might be better not to join the beta.

Whether a beta tester or not, continue enjoying OSRS mobile!

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