LOST ARK: How To Fish – Guide

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Fishing is a staple in many MMORPGs. But it’s usually much more straightforward to do than it is in Lost Ark. In Lost Ark, some life skills are waiting for you. But while you can walk past a tree or plant and press “G,” fishing isn’t as easy. We, therefore, clarify the question: How do you fish?

The art of fishing MMOs can be anything from yawn-inducing boredom to reaction-testing anticipation. Lost Ark has its unique twist on how to fish, and gamers will need to decide for themselves if the activity is a riot or another great way to fall asleep at the keyboard.

What requirements do you need? To unlock fishing, you must first master life skills in general. This happens automatically if you follow the main story and then accept the purple quest in Lakebar Village. She teaches you the first steps in the crafting world of Lost Ark.

However, this only includes mining ore and cutting down trees in the quest for the time being. This is particularly nasty because there’s a place in Lake bar itself where you can go fishing. The game doesn’t fully explain to you how it works. If you press “G” at the fishing spot, you’ll only get a message that your level is too low for it.

What’s the point of fishing? You get fish and meat in Lost Ark by fishing, which you need for various cooking recipes. You can then use them to prepare delicious food in your fortress or even host big feasts.

With a bit of luck, you will also get rare pearls that can be effectively turned into money, and, as with any other life skill, you always have a chance of getting the valuable world tree leaves.

How to fish in Lost ARK – the way to becoming a professional fisherman

Once you’ve equipped a fishing rod, you can also feel how to fish. All you need is a place where you can catch fish. You can open the map with “M” and look for big, blue fishing hooks to find these spots.

You can find out whether they even exist on the map by hovering over the area on the world map. You can then see which resources are available on the selected map in the upper right corner. If there is a fishing hook there, nothing can stop you.
Now stand at a fishing spot and switch to the life skills with the “B” key. Currently, hover over the water with the mouse and then press “E” to cast the rod. After a few seconds, you can see a fish approaching your swimmer.

A red exclamation mark will appear above your swimmer for about 2 seconds if it bites. You have to press “E” again to catch the fish within this period. You will get nothing if you are too slow, but your crafting energy will still be used.

LOST ARK: How To Fish - Guide

Get To Lakebar Village And Talk To Celine

Unfortunately for the over-eager, Lakebar Village won’t be available for quite some time. It’s several hours into the campaign, even with a brisk pace. Upon arriving there, the character will be instructed to talk to Artisan Urr. He’ll give the basics about mining, which unlocks all the other trade skills.

For fishing, just to the northeast of Urr is Celine, who has a purple icon above her head. Feel free to collect the Mokobo seeds here in Lake bar during this process. Players will get a quest that guides them down the path. If Celine is not available yet, be sure to officially complete Urr’s task and turn it back to him.

Buy The Novice Fishing Pole And Equip It

Even if players already have a pole, they must, unfortunately, buy another one from Nickel to complete this mission. Those who pre-purchased the game will have a pole already. Sadly, even these players will need to purchase the pole; it’s not a step that can be skipped.

The good news is that this mission does yield some quick experience, so it’s not a total waste of coins. Nickel is in the southwest part of the village, just on the opposite side of Urr as Celine. Equip the pole, and the next phase will pop up on the map.

Fish On The Docks

On the west side of the village, there are some docks. There is a hook icon on the map to indicate that a player can fish in the area. Go here and press the ‘B’ key to open up the trade skills. By default, float fishing is equipped with the ‘E’ key. Click that, and the character is automatically cast the line.

LOST ARK: How To Fish - Guide

Press the ‘E’ key again when the bobber goes entirely down to reel in a fish. Do not be fooled by a slight bob on the line as a fish approaches, and the bobber must be fully submerged. Catch three fish successfully, then click on the mission on the right to complete it. Fishing will not be unlocked for the remainder of the game.

Lost ARK Fishing is worth it

What are the fishing spots to interact with? You’ll often find that many fishing spots allow you to press “G” at some point. That won’t get you any further.

But if you level up your fishing, you’ll unlock fish traps at level 20 and even nets at level 30. You can then place them with “G” in these predefined places and catch some fish without stress or attention. Of course, these skills also consume crafting energy.

Level 10 brings more loot: You should also get fishing to level 10 as quickly as possible, like any other life skill. This allows you to get tickets for the platinum fields and unlocks another skill. With the skill at level 10, you can cast a bait every 15 minutes. This bait then lasts for 2 minutes and increases your chance of finding rare fish. Furthermore, the lure also doubles the crafting experience gained from fishing for the entire period.

LOST ARK Fishing F.A.Q

Here is the some questions about Fishing in Lost ARK.

Where do you get fishing tools in Lost Ark?

This may leave players wondering how to get a fishing rod and how to fish in Lost Ark. To get the fishing rod, you must start the Crown of Lakebar quest in West Luterra. This will let you purchase a Novice Fishing Tool from the Trade Tool Merchant in Lake bar.

How do I use the Fishing Rod in Lost Ark?

Once you’ve bought a fishing pole, press the I key to open your inventory, then right-click the bar to equip it. Note that you can only do this once you’ve unlocked life skills; it’ll be unselectable before it.

What is the point of fishing in Lost Ark?

Players in Lost Ark can harvest materials, ad fishing is one of these Trade Skills. By fishing in local lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, players can acquire delights such as fish and their rarity, pearls, and other aquatic stuff.

How do you get the fishing crystal in Lost Ark?

Fishing Crystal is a crystal that can be created by condensing Fishing Materials. Fishing Loot is one of the seven available types of Materials available that players may obtain through Trade Skills

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