LOST ARK: Deadeye Class Guide – 2022

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The Marksman is one of the quickest damage dealers in Lost Ark. However, its gameplay is complicated. Deadeye is a subcategory of Gunner. He can only be played as a male character. He has three weapons: a pistol, a shotgun and a shotgun. You can do eight different attacks with the pistol and four attacks with the other two weapons. Most of the damage comes from the gun, while pistols rely more on velocity. So you can use 16 different abilities. That’s double the number of other classes in Lost Ark. This guide covers everything you need to know about LOST ARK: Deadeye Class guide 2022.

It Shows an overview of Deadeye’s gameplay. What are Deadeye’s strengths and weaknesses? From level to the end of the game content. Role of Deadeyes in Raids, Dungeons, and PvP. This guide will go over skills, builds, and tips to help you become a first-class Deadeye. The many weapons and abilities make the Deadshooter complicated, but you can get a lot of DPS out of him if you play him right. You have to attack your opponents from behind and stand close to the enemy, which may be difficult for inexperienced players at first.

LOST ARK: Deadeye Class Guide – 2022

Deadeye Class Guide Overview

Deadeye in Lost Ark is a gunner-type class that wields three different weapons: dual pistols, a shotgun, and a rifle. His musical instrument is an electric guitar. The Deadeye is a hybrid DPS; they attack both from a distance and melee. Deadeye’s Identity Ability differs from other classes because they don’t have a traditional Identity Ability. Instead, they have the Weapon Stance Change. The Deadeye switches between his weapons at any time, instantly. Depending on the mechanics of the fight, the player must choose which weapon to use in each scenario.

Dual pistols are typically used to weaken the target and increase critical hits on attackers. Additionally, they improve player movement and attack speed. Finally, many of the Pistol abilities give the Deadeye great mobility. The shotgun is used for close-range damage. The rifle or sniper is used for long-range damage. There are two different playstyles that players can choose from through the use of Deadeye’s class engravings.

Enhanced Weapon: Changing Weapon Stance increases Crit Rate for 9s.

Pistoleer – Only use Pistol skills, but increases their damage.

Both playstyles are viable in endgame content so pick your favorite flavor. The Pistoleer Engraving playstyle is typically less used as its damage is lower than the Enhanced Weapon Engraving. Swapping Weapons and managing cooldowns is part of the enjoyment of the Deadeye; however, if you want a very simple experience, choosing the Pistoleer engraving is perfectly fine.

Role of a Deadeye

Deadeyes are a pure DPS class in Lost Ark. In PvE, they focus on sustained damage to the BossBoss and keeping the Debuff that increases Crit Rate for any attack (including party members) towards the BossBoss. In PvP, they will be one of the highest threats in regards to damage in the arena.


High Damage
High Mobility – Pistol Abilities and Combo Dodge (spacebar)
Provides Increased Crit Rate to party


Lower health pool and defense statIt can be difficult to master landing very close back attacks with the shotgun.

LOST ARK Deadeye Levelling Guide

We recommend that you try out all the skills and play whatever is the most fun. However, if you want to speed up the process (maybe that’s the most fun for you) or try to power through leveling an alt, follow this level by the level breakdown of what skills to use and level up and which tripods to activate.

You can swap between saved skill tree slots for free (even in combat as long as no skills are on cooldown). It’s recommended to use both of your two free skillbook slots choose abilities based on this In general, it’s better to have a few skills at level 10 than to have eight skills all leveled equally. This is because 3rd level tripods generally make the ability work much differently and more powerfully than lower levels. Also, note that the leveling experience will be much faster with movement skills and tripods so your character can move further and faster.

Largely you’ll be in the Pistols stance for all the movement skills to travel when you cannot mount up. The allocation of points goes like this: select Tripods that increase Mobility, Attack Speed, and Cooldown Reduction. These Tripods are typically found in the first tier. Here are the mobility skills you should focus on keeping at Level 4:

  • Enforce Execution (default ability)
  • Somersault Shot (default ability)
  • Dexterous Shot (LVL 22)

Then dealing big damage with the Shotgun due to the x2 damage of these shotgun skills:

  • Sign of Apocalypse (default ability) 1
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire (LVL 20) 1
  • Shotgun Dominator (LVL 28)

This is how the shooter plays

This is the Marksman’s special ability: His identity is switching between the three firearms. You can change these continuously without having to wait for a cooldown.

You use pistol skills mainly for mobility and to strengthen your attacks. You do directional damage with the shotgun. You use the rifle from a greater distance or when the shotgun skills are wane.

However, you don’t have to worry much about cooldowns since, as mentioned above, you have 16 different ones. So you will never get into the situation of using the basic attack. To keep an eye on the cooldowns of the weapons you are not currently playing with, you will see a blue and red dot next to the weapon icons when the respective skills are ready for use again.

In combat, you’re constantly moving because the Marksman has little defense. With each weapon, you also choose a different position. Standing close to the enemy is especially important with the shotgun, as many of the attacks do double damage as a result.

The killer in the leveling process

It is important when distributing the points that you never have to bring the skill levels higher than level 10. Skill level 4 is required for the first tripod, skill level 8 for the second, and skill level 10 for the third.
To level up as effectively as possible, you can distribute your points as follows:
Up to level 12: Puts 4 points each on enforcement and somersault for mobility.
Up to level 21: 48 points to balance for AoE damage.
Up to level 30: 48 points on rapid shotgun fire.
Up to level 38: 48 points on Shotgun Master.
Up to level 49: 48 points on Deathfire.

The best builds in endgame

As with most other classes, in the endgame, you choose between two class engravings. This is how you decide which way to play. 

Class Engraving A: Enhanced Weapon

What does the engraving do? In this build, your shotgun crit rate increases by 20%. Hitting the enemy from behind increases it by an additional 10%. 

If you hold the shotgun in your hand, position yourself close to the opponent behind them. So you deal double damage, and your crit is higher than in any other position. You switch to the other two weapons when you have used all shotgun skills. 

One downside is that the shotgun skills have lengthy animations that you can only stop with your dodge skill on the spacebar. But that is only possible every eight seconds. You also take a lot of damage because you have little defense, and you have to be close to the enemy in this build.  In the stats, you rely on a specialty to increase the shotgun’s damage. Of course, crit is also important, followed by agility.

Which engravings do I use? In addition to the class engravings, you select the combat engravings for your marksman. This is where adrenaline comes in handy to increase your crit. Daring Blunt is also great as it supports your class engraving. 

Later, you can use Spirit Absorption and Raid Leaders to increase your attack and movement speed. If you want to read more about how the engraving system works, you can take a look at our engraving guide.

Which trading cards are important? Three Umar families, coupled with Lazenith’s fate, are the best cards for the killer. Unfortunately, these are very rare cards, so that this set could be expensive.

It would help if you had Eikerr, Naber, and Galatur to take less damage from bosses and deal more damage from behind. Beatrice and Allegro join to take less elemental damage and do more of it.

You have the optimal buffs after 15 or 10 awakenings. So you need many copies of the cards to complete the perfect set. Alternatively, you can bet on the Howling Rocks set. Armel, Seria, Solas, King Thirain, Kharmine, and Delain Armel. You have a dark damage reduction, and from six cards with twelve-part awakening, your crit increases.

What is the rotation like? You start on the pistol. Put yourself in the right position with the Execution, Somersault, and Skilled Shot skills. If you want to defeat a boss, you have to be close to him and stand behind him. Crit and attack power increase from behind, and the shotgun deals more damage from close range.

Now you weaken your opponent with a spiral seeker and AT02 grenade. You must craft the Tripod to Exposed Vulnerability. Now that your opponent suffers from debuffs, switch to the shotgun and use Last Request, Shotgun Master, Shotgun Rapid Fire, and Mark of the Apocalypse. After that, switch back to the pistol and use Quick Shot, Cruel Seeker, and Balance. Now your gun is used. Quickly use Spiral Flame, Perfect Shot, Cataclysm, and Triple Blast, because then the 6-8 seconds of the debuff will slowly end. Now your rotation starts from the beginning. 

  • ability step tripods
  • spiral viewfinder 4 Exposed vulnerability
  • AT02 grenade 4 Exposed vulnerability
  • enforcement 7 Light footwork
  • persistence
  • somersault shot 4 ignore collision
  • balance 1
  • Deft shot 7 Agile movement
  • Great agility
  • quick shot 12 Nimble Fingers
  • Introductory
  • Shot Final Light
  • Cruel Seeker 12 Nimble Fingers
  • Rapid Fire Enhancement
  • Explosive Orb
  • Signs of the Apocalypse 12 Close Shot Powered
  • Shot
  • Coming Apocalypse
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire 12 Close
  • Shot Enhanced Shot
  • Special Bullet
  • Shotgun Master 12 Close-in Weak Point
  • Detection
  • The Ruler
  • Last request 12 Rapid preparation



spiral flame 1

Threesome Blast 1

catastrophe 1

Perfect shot 1

Bursting glare revival

Class engraving B: Pistolier

What does the engraving do? As a Pistolier, you only fight with the pistol; the other two weapons are omitted. So if you find the constant weapon switching too stressful, you can think about this class engraving.

With the Pistolier, positioning behind the enemy is no longer important, and your rotation becomes much easier. However, be aware that the top gunner’s strongest weapon is the shotgun, and you can no longer use it in this build. 

With the Pistolier, you rely on specialization and crit, which is more important. At Tier 3, Agility becomes even more important.

Which engravings do I use? While spamming your pistol skills, crit is important to get the most DPS out of the killer. That’s why you rely on adrenaline first and then on the special dagger.

Alternate Engravings are Daring Blunt, Everywhere Leader, and Ambush Master.

Only later in the game, when you are familiar with the mechanics of the bosses, should you rely on Grudges and Cursed Dolls. These can be the strongest engravings if you play your kills man right. In the beginning, however, they are difficult to play due to the debuffs.

Which trading cards are important? The card set Light of Redemption is optimal to get as much DPS out of your marksman as possible. Shandi, Azena and Innana, Nineveh, Wei, Balthorr and Train. Unfortunately, the set is very expensive.

Alternatively, you can initially bet on the Howling Rocks deck. Armel, King Thirain, Seria, Kharmine, and Delain Armel. Howling Rock gives your Pistolier a crit boost that you can use. 

What is the rotation like? To position yourself, you use Enforcement and Skillful Shot. After that, use AT02 Grenade to inflict Exposed Weakness’s debuff on the opponent. Now it’s time to spam attacks—balance, Quick Shot, Cruel Seeker, Meteor Shower, and Spiral Seeker in between. If the debuff of Exposed Vulnerability expires after 6-8 seconds, your rotation starts over. By the way, your counter-attack is an execution.

Deadeye PvE Build – Chaos Dungeon

Here is a basic PvE build for Deadeyes. It is good for content like Chaos Dungeons, Tower Event, and Quests. The basic rotation is very simple. It’s more of a priority than a rotation. Gather enemies and eliminate them with shotgun skills. Then switch to pistols on cooldown and use Equilibrium to clear targets. Also, if you need to be on the move, you need to use guns and your skills.

Deadeye Chaos Dungeon Stat Priority

Your stats should focus more on specialization to increase weapon damage. Second, the next best stat is Crit. Approximately in a ratio of 70:30, respectively. In this version, you don’t need speed for pistol skills, and the benefits of tripods more than makeup for it.

Deadeye PvE Build – Enhanced Weapon

Below is a good basic PvE Build using the Deadeye class engraving Enhanced Weapon. This builds the preferred build-in end game content; however, it can be difficult to play. It is generally a good build for all types of content, including Chaos Dungeons, Tower Event, Quests, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeon.

Deadeye PvP Guide

In Player versus Player Arenas, Deadeyes typically play the role of a “Lone Wolf.” Their extremely high mobility, super armor, and damage make them an unbeatable threat to all other players. While they don’t provide any utility other than a 10% Crit Bonus, they are very good at eliminating the competition on their own.

Deadeye PvP Skills Build

Feel free to change whatever skills you like depending on your playstyle and how you see fit.

Some combos available with this build include:

  • Enforce Execution (engage)>
  • Spiral Tracker (stagger) or AT02 Grenade (stun) >
  • Last Request (Finisher) or Catastrophe (knock-up)

You can even combine all 5 of the above attacks in one big combo like this:

  • Enforce Execution (engage)>
  • Spiral Tracker (stagger) > (swap to Shotgun)
  • Last Request (Damage) > (swap to Pistols)
  • AT02 Grenade (stun) > (swap to Rifle)
  • Catastrophe (Damage and Knockup)

And Finally, you can add Enforce Execution and Death Fire (Requires Tripod 3: Infiltrate Decimation) before the above combo to get this whopping 7 point combo:

  • Enforce Execution(gap closer) >
  • Death Fire (engage and then cancel after dash animation) >
  • Spiral Tracker (stagger) > (swap to Shotgun)
  • Last Request (Damage) > (swap to Pistols)
  • AT02 Grenade (stun) > (swap to Rifle)
  • Catastrophe (Damage and Knockup) >
  • Perfect Shot (finisher)

Pro Tip: When using Catastrophe in close quarters, press it again in quick succession to speed up the animation and have the explosion hit faster.

Awakenings Combos:

  • AT02 Grenade (stun) > (position enemy to the right of your character)
  • AwakeningClay Bombardment
    • or
  • Aimed Shot (stun) >
  • AwakeningBursting Flare

Any other skills not listed here can be up to you to add to your skill bar for filler damage.

Gear Sets

You can mix and match 2-Set bonuses using 2 or 3 different ones. Depending on your playstyle and what’s available to you, you may want to take two 2-set bonuses instead of a full 5-set Bonus. You can also have one set for Chaos Dungeons and other Solo Content, and another for Guardian Raids and other Group Content.


What do you think of the shooter in Lost Ark game? Have you tried it yet, or did it seem too complicated so far? If you play him, please let us know which class engraving you have chosen in the comments. Did you stick with the three guns, or did you go all out on the gun?

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