How To Design New Tilted Towers Building, Fortnite The Block 2.0 Announced

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The Block is set to return to Fortnite with version 2.0, including new features, props, and more. This time around, players will have the opportunity to aid in the re-building of Tilted Towers.

Fortnite’s previous season once again saw the destruction of Tilted Towers as the battle of the IO and Resistance raged on throughout the island. Thankfully, it wasn’t a complete wipe-out for the popular drop spot, and players now have the opportunity to help rebuild the buildings with their very own designs.

Fortnite Confirms The Return Of The Block

As confirmed via Epic Games’ recent blog post, The Block 2.0 will allow Fortnite players to rebuild Tilted Towers with their very own designs.

Players will be able to submit their designs to be used to restore Tilted Towers. According to Epic Games, a select group of creators could find their designs featured in-game to be voted on by the community. Creators with the most votes will find their block creations featured across Battle Royale and Zero Build.

How To Design New Tilted Towers Building, Fortnite The Block 2.0 Announced

So, how exactly can you take part? The Fortnite Level Designers will review submissions on a rolling basis and make their selections at their discretion.

Up to three submissions for each building type (The Restaurant, The Apartments, The Shops) may be selected by the Level Designers to be featured in-game for the community to vote on over twenty days. Each building type will have separate voting windows.

Submissions aren’t open yet, but players can keep an eye on the official Fortnite Creative Twitter account for more details in the future. The entire submission criteria can be found further down this article.

Submission Criteria

  • Only one map per creator can be accepted
    • If you submit a couple of maps, all submissions can be rejected.
  • All maps have to be authentic work
    • If you employ actual life references or different exterior inspirations while creating, please save these references and disclose them to Epic at the time of your submission.
  • You should use one of the supplied templates as listed beneath:
    • The Block 2.0 Apartments Template 
    • The Block 2.0 Restaurant Template 
    • The Block 2.0 Shops Template
  • It would help if you designed the construction on a suitable template.
    • Apartment buildings have to be designed on the Apartments Template
    • Restaurants have to be designed on the Restaurant Template 
    • Shops have to be designed on the Shops Template
  • You might solely use property from galleries that seem underneath The Block 2.0 filter
    • There aren’t any restrictions on which galleries you employ from The Block 2.0 filter for particular buildings. Any property inside that filter can be utilized for any constructing sort.
  • When you load your required template, don’t customize any settings. 
    • If you modify the settings, your construction can be robotically disqualified.
  • The default peak for all templates is ready to five. 
    • You don’t have to construct to the highest peak. However, you can not construct any more significant than 5.
  • The width and depth of the gadgets have been preset for every location/template. 
    • Do not alter the scale of the system’s quantity.
  • Submissions have to be solely new work
    • Any map thought-about for that includes has to be a model-new creation printed during the callout interval.
  • It would help if you embraced a static picture of your construction and your submission.
  • No updates can be accepted after you submit your island
    • Make positive you’re pleased together with your creation earlier than you submit as no revision can be allowed.

Fortnite wants to design a new building for the leaning towers.

The Block, a space to showcase the community’s best creations, returns to Fortnite. The return of the feature, dubbed The Block 2.0, will give battle royale fans the opportunity to help shape the appearance of the Leaning Towers after their unfortunate destruction.

“Time to rebuild Tilted, and this time you’re the architect,” reads a post on the official Fortnite Twitter page (opens in a new tab). “Design your building to be constructed in the new Tilted Towers POI and get ready to submit your design as soon as submissions open.”

The Fortnite developer has also added a variety of galleries and the Level Instance Device to enhance your building experience. According to Epic, the latter “can be placed on an island as a volume, and props, buildings, or other objects can be placed inside that volume to save as a new level instance.” This allows you to copy items easily and replicate designs on your island.

To help budding builders, there are some pro tips from the Level Design team for creating the very best structures on Epic’s website. Here you’ll also find the submission criteria. Although Epic isn’t accepting submissions right now, it’s never too early to start working on your architectural marvel. visiting our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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