Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

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With a whopping 22 guns, the weapon arsenal in the shooter Halo Infinite from Xbox Game Studios is pretty huge. Choosing the right gun for the right situation often distinguishes victory and defeat in the game’s multiplayer mode. Therefore, you should know which combat equipment is worth including. We introduce you to the 7 best Halo Infinite weapons for multiplayer.

Where can I download the free Halo Infinite Multiplayer?

The multiplayer mode has been available for free download since November 15th. You can find the game either on Steam (PC) or in the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox. Enjoy your games while staying undetected.

Halo Infinite:7 best weapons for multiplayer

M40 AR

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

The classic assault rifle marks the standard weapon in “Halo Infinite.” The Assault Rifle is the rifle you start a game with, except for the ranked games.

At the same time, the M40 AR is one of the best weapons in the game and scores with a high rate of fire, more than considerable damage, and convincing precision. The M40 is perhaps the best choice, especially for short or medium distances.

BR75 Battle Rifle

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

Compared to the M40 AR, the legendary BR75 Battle Rifle impresses with significantly more precision. Thanks to its burst fire mode, which always fires three shots, you can make short work of your opponents even at great distances. Perhaps the best all-around weapon in “Halo Infinite”, although the BR75 no longer dominates the meta as strongly as in previous series parts.

S7 sniper

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

The classic sniper rifle is simply outstanding in “Halo Infinite.” At least if your shots are right, a single hit on the head is enough to kill your opponent. On the other hand, a body hit deactivates the shield completely, which is easy for you afterwards. The S7 Sniper to secure for his team should have on each map priority.

VK47 Commando

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

The first addition among the best “Halo Infinite” weapons on our list is called the VK47 Commando and marks the middle ground between the two aforementioned rifles. This is where outstanding precision meets a high rate of fire. Whether with single shots from a distance in the zoom or in continuous fire at the short range: the VK47 rocks.

M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

The good old rocket launcher is also ideal in the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer to clear areas controlled by the enemy and take out several enemies simultaneously. Low reloading speed and only four rounds of ammunition ensure successful balancing. But that can be got over. A single hit that hits halfway close to the other team is enough to land a multi-kill.

Energy sword

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

Anyone who knows this iconic melee weapon from the “Halo” series in their ranks is getting a good deal closer to victory for their own team. Okay, the energy sword is almost useless in the big team battles, but absolute power in the smaller arena modes. Especially since there is no longer a classic shotgun as a counterattack in “Halo Infinite.”

Especially in combination with the active camouflage or the new grappling hook, you become an enormous danger for your opponents with the sword. With the right position and good movement, you can turn off entire squads on your own. The second melee weapon in the form of the gravity hammer, is also strong but does not quite come close to the sword.

MK50 sidekick

Halo Infinite: The 7 best weapons in multiplayer

Long-time “Halo” fans know about the benefits of the Sidekick pistol. After all, the MK50 marks an excellent option for medium and long distances and is even superior to the main starter weapon in the form of the M40 AR in this area. It reloads quickly, has almost no recoil, and is powerful.

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