Greak: Memories of Azur gets Xbox One update and version

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Great: Memories of Azur is a charmer side scrolling with hand-drawn animations developed by the Mexican studio Navigator. After arriving on Xbox Series X|S, the game now expands its journey to more players and is also available on Xbox One.

In addition to the new Xbox One version, the game also received new Xbox Series X|S content today, including a new boss encounter, a playable movie sequel, improved map, accessibility options, and more. Those who have already acquired Great: Memories of Azur for Xbox Series X|S will be able to access the Xbox One version at no extra cost.

In Great: Memories of Azur takes on the role of three brothers — Great, Adara and Raydel — to guide them through the lands of Azur, alternating control of the three to be able to solve the challenges and move forward. great he is the youngest of the three brothers and they are part of a magical people called the Courine, who is suffering from the invasions of urlags, in a war that has dragged on for a long time. Many Courines feel compelled to flee to survive, and in the midst of all this destruction, great he just wants to find his brothers to run away with them from Azur using an aircraft.

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