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WB Games Montreal has announced details of a new skill tree in a new video. According to the developers, the new skill tree is an indispensable way player can build their new Dark Knight rather than succeeding right after his death.

Gotham Knights revealed how character skill trees allow players to create custom heroes. Each of the four knights will have four skill trees that enhance their strength, with one unlocked at a certain point in the game.

We got our first good look at Gotham Knights skill trees with a new preview from IGN. Accessing these skills often looks very familiar: you get XP, level up, gain skill points, and then assign those skills to these pre-defined trees. Players can create unique versions of each hero with enough contrast with each tree.

Gotham Knights New Skills Tree

The new Skills Tree of the Gotham Knights allows players to get used to their characters in a straightforward fashion. XP points are acquired simply by playing the game; after a while, the XP points allow players to become level up, and when they are level up, they are rewarded new ability points. Players then will be able to use their ability points to expand their character skills.

Batgirl can help with 101 melee combat and also be able to hack and survive. Nightwing is major antiquity and can add to play with co-op and other players. Robin can be a technical person, but he can’t take a job. Red Hood can either specialize in marksmanship to handle damage from a distance, or he can play with his wiggles and play skills to save your wiggle.

The skill tree Knighthood is now ready for all four characters. One will begin to unlock after an end of the game story and give the character the ability to unlock his own Dark Knight. The Knighthood will eventually let Batgirl glide as much as Batman.

Momentum Ability is a new menu of unlockable skills that can be used to unlock special attacks whose individual characters can play with specific button combinations. If a person’s abilities are found, they can only unlock other specific abilities in the above-pictured skill trees.

The Gamer video today

Batgirl has trees that enhance her combat action, hacking skills and survival ability. Nightwing has trees that deal with acrobatics and offer co-op buffs when playing with others. Robin is more about stealth and using technology to either improve stealth gameplay or the effects of various items, and Red Hood’s skills enhance his guns and fists and frighten otherworldly forces.

Each knight starts with three skill trees, but a fourth tree – the Knighthood tree – is unlocked after some story progression.

“Unlocking the Knighthood tree gives you a few things,” game director Jeff Elinor told IGN. “It unlocks the hero’s crossing for that hero. So if you’re a Batgirl, you can suddenly slither. It unlocks your ultimate ability – for Batgirl, that’s the drone – and it opens the Knighthood ability tree where you can start adding more, very powerful mechanics to your hero that weren’t available to you up to that point in the story.

Gotham Knights are coming out on October 25th. The games are now available online for preorder on the official website. Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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