Fortnite Volcanic Assassin pack gives you free skins, How to Get it?

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Fortnite players can get their hands on another free cosmetics bundle for the battle royale, but there’s a catch. Epic Games is giving everyone the Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack for free, but you can only claim it through the Epic Games Store on PC. Why? Well, it’s being released to celebrate the Epic Games Store’s new Epic Mega Sale – which is running until June 16.

The Fortnite Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack comes with the Tectonic Komplex Outfit, the Fiery Jam Back Bling, the Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe, and the Fiery Flow Wrap. However, you might not see them all you added to your in-game Locker straight away.
When you pick up the Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack, as the name suggests, you unlock a series of in-game quests, which you have to open to access the cosmetics. These quests aren’t timed, so you don’t need to worry about rushing into a game to complete them, but you do still need to claim the Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack to have access to them.

Fortnite Volcanic Assassin pack gives you free skins, How to Get it?

The Volcanic Assassin Pack, which comes with the Tectonic Komplex skin, Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Wrap, is a reskin of Komplex, which was initially released exclusively as part of the Summer Smash Cup. Compared to that, though, all players need to claim the pack from the Item Shop while on PC.

With the release of the final major patch update of the season, data miners leaked that there would be a skin pack available for free for all PC players, the Volcanic Assassin pack. It’s now available for players using the Epic Games Launcher, and here’s how to get it.

Here’s everything in the pack:

– Tectonic Komplex Outfit

– Fiery Jam Back Bling

– Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe

– Fiery Flow Wrap

To claim the Volcanic Assassin Pack in Fortnite, head over and download the Epic Games Launcher, then download Fortnite for free. On May 19th at 4 PM, BST / 11 AM EST, simply login to Fortnite via EGS and claim the pack from the Item Shop for 0 V-Bucks. Don’t forget to connect your accounts if you want to use the pack’s contents across all versions of Fortnite.

How Do I Get The Volcanic Assassin Pack On PC?

PC players can request the order package for free in the Item Shop until June 16. Scroll down to “Special Offers & Packages” in the Item Shop and click “Buy” to get it for free.

Free Tectonic Komplex Fortnite Skin

The Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack includes the following cosmetics for free:

  • Tectonic Komplex Outfit
  • Fiery Jam Back Bling
  • Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
  • Fiery Flow Wrap

Here’s a better look at each cosmetics. Head to the Fortnite Item Shop and scroll to the bottom. Scroll up twice, and you’ll find the pack available. Click the quest pack and click “purchase. ”Once you’ve done this, it’ll take you through the normal Epic Games order process, but you won’t have to pay anything. You’ll unlock a set of quests that can be found by heading to the quests tab.

Volcanic Assassin Pack Quests

To unlock the skin, you’ll need to complete all three relatively simple challenges that can be found below:

  • Ignite Structures (100) – opens back bling
  • Survive Storm Phases (50) – unlocks wrap
  • Deal damage to opponents (2,100) – Open pickaxe

How Do I Get The Volcanic Assassin Pack On Console?

Unfortunately, the package for console players is not displayed in the Item Shop. But don’t worry, there’s still a way to get it. You have to download Fortnite on a PC and sign in with your Epic Games account. The package will be displayed to you, and you can buy it. You can then complete the challenges as usual via your console. Then the cosmetics, no matter on which platform, are in your locker.

What Cosmetics Are Included In The Volcanic Assassin Pack?

  • Tectonic Komplex Skin
  • Fiery Jam Back Bling
  • Sulfuric Street Shine Pickaxe
  • Fiery Flow Wrap

How Do I Get The Cosmetics Of The Volcanic Assassin Pack?

Although the cosmetics are available for free, they can only be unlocked by completing three simple in-game quests.

Set Fire To 100 Buildings

This challenge unlocks the “Fiery Jam” Back Bling. The easiest way to complete the quest is to light the buildings with fireflies. They usually float around in forests or where there is a lot of greenery and many trees. Here are some hotspots:

The fireflies always float in one place. Interact with the tiny insects buzzing around to collect them. Then you start building with wood or go to a site where many wooden buildings are everywhere. Throw the fireflies at it and wait for the buildings to burn down. Alternatively, you can also make vehicles and gasoline canisters explode to light the environment.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Volcanic Assassin Missions?

The Volcanic Assassin Order Pack is available in the Item Shop until June 16, 2022. However, the challenges remain available to you even after that, so you can quickly complete them at your own pace. Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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