FNF cyber sensation wiki Detailed Guide 2024

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fnf cyber sensation wiki Detailed Guide 2022

You’ve, in all probability, heard of FNF: Cyber Sensation. I’ve performed several comparable video games and watched several gameplay movies. However, I’ve but to play the sport myself. If you’re searching for an FNF: Cyber Sensation wiki, it is best to try this website.

Cyber Sensation is a mod made by a Thai YouTuber, FNF Mod Developer, creator of “Dating Night Funkin'” and “The Return of Garcello”, Tae Yai, and on the new update, be run by the dedicated CyberFunk Team. The main week features her self-insert character as the main opponent of the mod.

Cyber sensation Story

Cyber Sensation is about a programmer hoping for success who stumbles upon a piece of code that allows game characters to interact with her world. When testing the code, she finds that her Boyfriend came out of the portal from her code. They decided to rap battle to pass the time until she found a piece of code that worked.


Cyber Sensation character is here:


Taeyai is a self-insert of the mod’s creator. She’s a programmer hoping for success and ends up pulling Boyfriend out of Friday Night Funkin’ using a code that allows game characters to interact with her world and replaces him with Pico as her Girlfriend’s love interest. From there, rap battling ensues.

She will also be an upcoming playable character that will replace Boyfriend as the protagonist in various Weeks, including several Mods.

fnf cyber sensation wiki Detailed Guide 2022


Taeyai is a white-skinned female with black hair. She wears a white hoodie, black pants, and a pair of grey and white shoes. She also has a light blue hologram floating on her right hand and a microphone on her left hand.

In Last Hope, She has an angry expression, has no microphone, beings flying, and more light blue holograms appear around her.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • During Last Hope, various things will happen to Boyfriend’s strike line:
    • The strike line will start spinning,
    • The screen will look glitchy,
    • The screen will rotate and flip, and while this happens, your keybinds will be flipped,
    • Your notes will be placed in Taeyai’s arrows, and Taeyai’s in yours,
    • The screen could turn black for a split second,
    • It will suddenly remove one arrow in the strike line,
    • Pop-ups temporarily appear, similar to Bob during Onslaught and Cheeky during Devils Jello and Bedrock.
    • You won’t be able to access the pause or the debug menu. 
    • If you try quitting the game during the song, you’ll return to Last Hope. 
  • During Blammed, different colors flash during “that sick part” of the song. (Which became a meme in the community.) This is purely aesthetic. 
  • Dark Halo Notes appear during Expurgation, which instantly blue ball the player if hit. (Upcoming)
  • During Liquidated, the camera may zoom in on Camellia, or the screen may be blurred slightly. This may be purely aesthetic. 


The “Special Message” that appears in the ending cutscene is gameplay of “Dating Night Funkin'”, another of Taeyai’s mods. Said mod is Neonight’s multiple-character-covers of “Lover” from the Annie mod and “Heartbass” from The Date Week, made into playable mods, not unlike Blantados’ BETADCIU songs.

  • Taeyai and NonsenseHumor are good friends, and they’re such good friends that they even play Tug of War with a Future Space Bean (you will probably refer to it as Among Us).
  • After Wear A Mask, Taeyai will crash the game, making a Windows error message box appear which says, “ COME AGAIN WHEN YOU’RE READY.

FNF Vs. Cyber Sensation – [Friday Night Funkin’]

FNF Vs. Cyber Sensation for Friday Night Funkin’ will make you discover in music the secrets of the computer code created by Tae Yai. By testing the code of his game, Tae Yai discovers that it allows characters to interact with his world. Shortly after, their Boyfriend appears in front of her, thanks to a portal created from the code; after insisting for a long time and then throwing the microphone in his hands, Tae Yai will finally agree to have a little fun and offer their Boyfriend three rap battles. Sing along to the songs “Open System”, “Wear A Mask,” and “Last Hope” and learn about the mode’s story through fully voiced cutscenes. The Yai is a Thai programmer known for making covers and remixes of Friday Night Funkin’ and now for the “Cyber Sensation” mod.

Play FNF Cyber Sensation Unblocked Online 

You can play FNF Cyber Sensation Unblocked Online from FNFunkin. You can also download the MOD on your PC from the link. Many details can be highlighted in this MOD since each element introduced in the game has great care for details, from the new background, which has several references, to the different cinematics, which even above has voices that narrate everything, avoiding the typical dialogues.

Friday Night FNF mods on the Cyber Sensation wiki

The FNF Cyber Sensation wiki was created to help gamers in studying extra concerning the Friday Night FNF mods. The wiki incorporates info on all the mods out there for Friday Night FNF and directions on how one can use them.

The Cyber Sensation Wiki: How It All Began And Where The Concept Originated

Taeyai’s wiki started as a joke and rapidly became a web sensation. They had the thought while enjoying skilled soccer and observed that there was no wiki for FNF gamers. He determined to make his personal and the remaining historical past. The Cyber Sensation wiki rapidly became one of the crucial complete assets for FNF gamers. Taeyai and the neighborhood are nonetheless engaged in updating it. This is the place to go if you wish to be taught everything there may be to learn about FNF.

FNF’s CW network Homepage And How FNF Got The Appointment

The Four-Nation Football Championship’s official website is FNF (FIFA). Since 2002, the event has been broadcast on CWNetwork, a subsidiary of CBS Corporation. CW network launched a brand new website, FourNationFootballChampionship.com, in preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The website incorporates all the info followers have to know concerning the FNF, corresponding to group rosters, outcomes, photographs, and movies.

President Sepp Blatter introduced the FNF because of the official website of the FIFA World Cup in early December 2013. The event debuted on the CW Network in 2002 and has become one of the crucial fashionable sporting events on tv. Many folks were stunned by the announcement, which had not been extensively publicized or introduced by FIFA or the CW Network. It was merely found whereas looking for the event info on FourNationFootballChampionship.com.

According to FIFA sources, FNF was chosen as the website because it’s simpler to replace than different World Cup-related websites, corresponding to FIFA’s website and the website of Fox Sports International, which broadcasts the event in North America. FNF additionally has extra details about the.

My Own Directorial Experience

If you’ve ever performed FIFA, you’ll comprehend it’s an aggressive recreation. Fans of the game often debate which group is the best and who the best participant is. The debate might be heated, but it surely’s all only a recreation in the long run.

Having mentioned that, some folks take the sport severely and attempt to be the very best they are often. Some even attempt to outperform others by competing with different human gamers online.

I’ll speak about my expertise in this weblog because of the director of an Fnf Cyber Sensation wiki ( VS Taeyai ). I’ll review how we are ready for our match towards Taeyai and how we carried out general. Hopefully, this has given you some perception into how one can put together for and play toward a prime online opponent.

The Duel With Taeyai

We were ecstatic to face Taeyai in our match. We knew this might be a tough matchup because they’re the most effective gamers on the planet. We had ready for the sport and decided to win.

They were seen as quickly because the match had started.

Why Is This a Bizarre Web Series?

The reply is straightforward: as a result, it’s Amazing. FNF Cyber Sensation, also called VS Taeyai, is a satirical net sequence based mostly on the favored Ok-pop idol competitors present Ok-pop Star. The present stars an all-star solid of comedians and actors who play as parodies of the present’s commonplace tropes and characters.

The sequence is outrageous, hilarious, and addictive. Every episode is jam-packed with jokes about the contestants, judges, and everything associated with the Ok-pop superstar tradition. But the extreme manufacturing values of FNF Cyber Sensation set it aside. The sequence has the feel and appearance of an actual TV present, with stunning set design and slick animation.

If you want Ok-pop or comedy, it is best to watch FNF Cyber Sensation. It’s one of the funniest and most creative net sequences right now.”


Online FNF Cyber Sensation wiki (VS Taeyai) recreation. It would help if you guessed the phrases that seem on the display screen by clicking on them along with your mouse on this recreation. You will lose factors if you don’t click on every one of the letters precisely as soon as. The extra cash you earn, the sooner you end the sport. Have an enjoyable and good luck! Visited BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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