Elden Ring: How To Enable Voice Chat – Guide

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Elden Ring can be a pretty isolating experience, so why not recruit a fellow Tarnished to help you out in co-op? Of course, you will also need a voice chat to yell at each other in a panic.

To enable voice chat on Elden Ring, go to System > Network and switch Voice Chat to Allowed. When other players have been summoned to your game, or you join theirs, you should now be able to hear others crying about how disgusting the Tree Sentinel is. If voice chat isn’t working on Elden Ring, check out the most common issues.

On PC, you may have the wrong input, which can often be caused by a conflict between the headset mic and the USB mic, if you use one. Look for “manage input devices” in your start menu.

On PS5, don’t forget that the DualSense has a dedicated button to turn your mic on and off. If the light is on, you are muted.
On Xbox, you may have some settings on your privacy settings that don’t allow you to talk with others. If you’re having issues with voice chat on Xbox, be sure to double-check that. And finally, if you’re just not able to do anything online on PlayStation or Xbox, bear in mind that you will need a respective PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live/Game Pass Ultimate subscription to play and communicate online.

Elden Ring: How To Enable Voice Chat - Guide

Does Elden Ring have voice chat? How to use it?

The Elden Ring game is finally out now, and you can find this game on steam. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows. The game has just been released, and many players have liked this game. The developers and publishers From Software Inc have uploaded this game on both player modes. Even you can get full control of this game on your gaming controllers. However, the game has a PEGI rating and is not free to play. You will need to purchase this game to play it. Currently, the price of this game is about Rs. 2999. However, this is the price of the Deluxe edition, where you will get to enter the prohibited areas.

To use the voice chat system in Elden Ring, you need to follow these steps. Just follow the steps and operate it, and then you can use it in time of emergency.

  1. Go to the System of the game Elden Ring. 
  2. Now head over to the Network menu from the settings.
  3. Search for the Voice Chat option from the Network menu.
  4. Once you find it, click on Allow to permit to use it.

Now you are all set to use the voice chat system in Elden Ring. If you have any friends and they are summoned to your game or even if you join theirs, you will be able to hear each other. However, if you cannot hear your friends out, you must check for common issues.

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