Effects of Video Games on Children

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Video games are quite popular, especially among kids and they love to solve tricky missions through well-designed levels in a game. However, the games that foster so many important skills can also pose a threat to the health and proper functioning of the brain. 

Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

Check out the positive impact of videos games on children below:

  1. Improved Decision-Making Skills

Games help in developing a lot of skills in children. Since they are fast-paced, the player needs to make quick decisions in a short period. It helps in applying such techniques in practical life situations. 

While playing the games, the player will be offered various options from which he will have to choose. It will develop strong critical thinking skills in him to make wise and careful decisions. 

  1. Motivation for Teamwork

Usually, the games played online involve several players from different cities or countries. It establishes a great connection between them and helps them make teams for executing the mission well. 

It not only enhances their interest but also prepares them for working together as a team in any challenging circumstances. It builds greater interactive abilities in them and encourages a friendly environment. 

  1. Effective Cognitive Abilities

If a particular skill is repeated more than one time, the brain establishes a structure and starts the proceedings to enable proper functioning. It helps him to solve problems faster and design the required strategies to bring out the best performance. 

Children also learn the skills to work under pressure situations and develop better coping mechanisms. It makes them more efficient and confident in their abilities. 

  1. Enhanced Focus

During a game, the player tries his best to avoid any distractions and fulfill the target. He does his best to not give the enemy a chance to take over. His enhanced focus helps him acquire a more sensible approach and play smartly. 

Paying attention to the details and learning about the consequences of even a minor carelessness. It is a very important life skill that develops a responsible attitude in children. 

  1. Encouragement towards Problem-Solving

When the children play different stages of the game to reach the top, they explore various possibilities to score better. They get a boost to design effective problem-solving strategies. 

It makes them more energetic to take leadership roles and do things without relying upon others. Thus, gaming can be a productive activity for growth that enhances the exposure of children. 

Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Here are some main points that describe the negative effects of video games on children:

  1. Poor Academic Performance

Students may get involved in games to an extent that they start skipping classes. In the gaming world, everything is dreamy and appealing which may generate a strong urge in them to experience such things in the real world. 

It leads to a sudden effect on their performance in studies as they lose interest and motivation to score better. They waste many hours on games instead of working hard towards learning. 

  1. Health Issues

Games can induce many health-related problems. Children with disturbed sleep cycles become vulnerable to various health disorders like obesity, weakening of muscles, eyesight problems, etc. 

Thus, games can pose serious life threats and if fixed hours are not arranged for such activities, the child will not be able to continue living a balanced life. 

  1. Aggressiveness

Action and fighting games usually develop aggressive attitudes among children, especially boys. Where you have to beat the enemy to win a medal, the child starts applying violent practices in real life as well. 

He may become impatient and try to get rid of restrictions imposed by elders. Such abnormal attitudes are caused by intense gameplays that present the solution to every problem in violence. 

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour

Many children develop antisocial behaviours and a lack of interpersonal skills while remaining confined in their rooms in front of their computer screens. It not only impacts their brain functioning but also makes them reluctant towards dealing with situations in real life. 

They might love playing to avoid reality and become dependent on games completely. It can lead to physical or mental disability and various disorders like anxiety, depression, etc. 

  1. Bad Addiction

Addiction to any kind of game can have lethal effects. Children may start skipping meals and sleeping well. If a mind stuck in the next level of a game tries to open a book for study, it won’t be able to pay attention to the subject matter. 

Addiction of any kind can never be good, especially for children. They lose control over their lives and start making up things in their minds that do not exist in reality. 


Games that come with high-quality visuals appear quite interesting to the children. They become smarter and more skilled after engaging themselves in a fun learning activity. If care is not taken, the addiction to games can induce great harm in the form of abnormal attitudes. 

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