COD WARZONE 2 IS COMING IN 2022 – All Information

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Call of Duty Warzone has enjoyed a great deal of time in the limelight as one of the best competitive FPS games. Boasting some of the best gunplay out of any shooter on the market, players have continued to flock to Raven Software’s game, despite the numerous issues since its arrival in 2020.

While most of the best battle royales have chopped and changed maps, weapons, and core gameplay elements over the years, Warzone has generally been more conservative in its approach. However, rumors and reports have now begun to circulate that Raven Software isn’t just planning a big shake-up for the game over the next couple of years – the studio is planning a brand new Warzone sequel altogether.

While details are sparing right now, we’ve put together everything there is to know about Warzone’s potential successor, including a rough timescale for the Call of Duty Warzone 2 release date and any Warzone 2 leaks that have surfaced.

Call of Duty: Warzone will have a successor in 2022 – the current working title: “Warzone 2.0”. You can find out what is officially known about the new Battle Royale and what the leaks look like here on BGN.

The free Battle Royal Call of Duty: Warzone hit 2020 like a bomb. To this day, Warzone is being fed new content, although the extended support was not planned. This led to problems and the loss of many players.

With a second part, the Infinity Ward and Raven Software developers want to do better. The experiences and feedback of the last few years flow into the successor “Warzone 2.0”, which currently has no fixed name.

What is known about the Warzone successor so far, we collect for you in this article. The article is divided into four sections and with one click, you get the information you want:

  • release info
  • Warzone and CoD MW2
  • Leaked map
  • More leaks

Warzone 2: Release Info – Date, Platforms, Trailer

When is the new Warzone 2 coming?

No specific release date is known at this time. But it should come in 2022, after the release of Modern Warfare 2 on October 28, 2022. Here is information about pre-ordering CoD MW2.

Can you play Warzone 2 for free?

The new Battle Royale should again be a Free2Play title.

What platforms will Warzone 2 appear on?

Like CoD MW2, Warzone 2 still supports the old platforms and comes on the PC. Even a release on Steam seems possible, as Call of Duty returns to the platform with Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2 is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC in the Launcher and Steam.

How does this work with CoD MW2?

The developers refer to Warzone 2 as an extension of Modern Warfare 2. At the moment, everything looks like it will be like 2020 again. To play Warzone 2, you have to start CoD MW2.

What about the anti-cheat?

The RICOCHET anti-cheat system is now a fundamental part of Call of Duty. Warzone 2 and also CoD MW2 will support the system from day one.

What happens to my cosmetics in Warzone 2?

With the new game comes a whole new inventory. The developers have already confirmed that you cannot take any cosmetic content from Warzone 1 into the new war zone.

What will happen to Warzone 1?

The current Warzone game continues in parallel. If you like the old Warzone, you can continue to do your rounds on Caldera.

Is there already a trailer for Warzone 2?

There is no trailer yet. However, CoD MW2 and Warzone 2 share the same technology. What you see in a CoD MW2 trailer is also in Warzone. We include the currently most extended gameplay excerpt from Modern Warfare 2 so that I can give you an idea of ​​the technology.


Warzone 2 will evolve from the previous game and have the same engine, mechanics, and features as Modern Warfare 2. Although there will be no shared weapons or content from the original Warzone, the tradition of full post-launch content and seasonal drops will continue.

All future Call of Duty main series titles will also run off of the same engine as Warzone 2, making integrations and weapon balancing far easier.

We’re still awaiting some concrete Warzone 2 map details, but leakers have suggested the main battle royale map will have POIs based on iconic maps from the original Modern Warfare games.

And that’s everything we have on Call of Duty Warzone 2 for now. At the same time, we’re a long way away from Warzone’s sequel, which gives you plenty of time to study the current Warzone meta and polish your skills while you wait for Raven Software’s next game.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 – The dream couple

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are one game. Just like with CoD MW 2019 and Warzone 1. The two shooters also share new content, such as weapons or season stories.

Since the two CoDs share the same technology, the new features of CoD MW2 also come into play. After the first revelations, we already know some details about new mechanics:

  • Water becomes a core feature
  • More possible with vehicles
  • A new, more in-depth Weaponsmith
  • More movement options
  • Enhanced Artificial Intelligence
  • New gear, like placeable cameras

What the Battle Royale looks like in detail cannot be said so far. Not even whether there will be an additional mode like “loot money.”

However, if you play CoD MW2, you will find the same gameplay feeling in Warzone 2, and all innovations will also come to Battle Royale.

Warzone 2: The map has probably already been leaked

There is wild speculation about the new Warzone 2 map. Some leaders claim that they have already spoken to insiders about the map. A “drawn” map emerged from these conversations, continuously expanding on Twitter in recent months.

There should also be a mini teaser on the new map. In the trailer for CoD MW2, an area can be seen from a bird’s perspective. This probably shows the first section of the Warzone 2 map.

We include the tweet from the well-known leaker “Tom Henderson,” who published a lot of accurate information in advance of Warzone 1.

Some points of interest should also be based on old CoD multiplayer maps. Whether it is the map and how real the whole thing is can only be speculated at the moment. But many well-known leakers have already shared the information in the CoD scene.

Warzone 2: More leaks for Battle Royale

Some leaked mechanics haven’t appeared in the new Modern Warfare 2 before. Again, Tom Henderson has his fingers in the pie and shows five innovations that further change the gameplay:

  • Interrogation: Interrogate downed enemies for teammate positions
  • Backpack Adjustments: Inventory management will be expanded
  • Armor Tiers: You must first loot vests for armor plates
  • Pro Perks: Lootable, upgraded versions of everyday perks
  • Strongholds: Areas with vital loot guarded by NPCs

Warzone 2 gameplay

A new mechanic called Strongholds is set to alter the way players receive their loadouts. According to leaks, players can approach one of the 20-30 Stronghold areas on the map and complete a set of objectives. Once these objectives are complete they’ll gain access to their load-outs.

Henderson claims that Warzone 2 will be a “clean slate,” which means “starting again, scrapping everything like weapons, operators, etc.”

He said that “Warzone 2 is basically a new COD title,” and players should “look at it as a sequel.” This will likely mean everything is brand-new, including weapons, Operators, Perks, and Killstreaks.

On May 18, players received plenty of new information concerning possible Warzone 2 gameplay. For starters, leakers Henderson and NerosCinema reported that Warzone 2 would come with loadout drop changes.

Some of the reported objectives involve defusing a bomb or defeating AI enemies. Strongholds will surely add a new layer of strategy to Warzone as each Stronghold can only be captured once per game.

According to the same report, looting will also change and resemble the system used in Black Ops 4’s Blackout. Supposedly, you won’t spawn in with any armor, and you’ll need to find a suitcase to equip plates.

This isn’t the only feature returning from previous CoD titles, as Pro Perks could also appear. These boosted Perks first arrived in 2009’s Modern Warfare, providing additional features that will benefit players. NerosCinema believes they’ll make their way to Warzone 2.

It seems Warzone 2 could borrow from competitors by reportedly introducing a bag system for inventory management, similar to Apex Legends or PUBG.

Will Warzone still exist after Warzone 2 releases?

Activision has confirmed that Warzone will continue to exist after Warzone 2 is released: “Warzone will continue as a separate experience that will include a continuation of player progression and inventories within that Warzone experience.” Warzone 2 will be a brand new game, separate from the original, meaning player inventories will be reset. For more details, Check out our piece. Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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