Bright Memory: Infinite gets a new Gameplay Trailer, Release date

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Whenever it performs, Bright Memory: Infinite impresses with its great environments, action-packed gameplay, and striking graphics. The project by Chinese designer Xiancheng Zeng, who is developing the title alone, is making players eager for its arrival, but at least on consoles, that date remains unknown.

Still slated to come out sometime in 2022, the FYQD-Studio title showcased a new action-packed trailer and plenty of gameplay but is still without a release date. The developer just said that it would take as much time as possible to make Bright Memory: Infinite shine on consoles and optimize each device’s game.

Playism and FYQD Studio have dropped a new trailer for its sci-fi first-person shooter Bright Memory: Infinite, which is “coming soon” to Xbox Series X|S.

The new trailer, shown during the Future Games Show, gives us another look at the FPS with its blisteringly fast-paced combat and flashy combos.

Bright Memory: Infinite New Gameplay Trailer

It has been confirmed that the game will have support for Raytracing with reflections at 60FPS and a performance mode for 120FPS.

If you want to know more about the universe that drives the game, check out our review of  Bright Memory, which is the initial Infinite project and started only as a demo titled  Bright Memory: Episode 1  to test the public’s interest. As everything went so well, it was released as a game and later evolved into what we now know as  Bright Memory: Infinite.

The Bright Memory: Infinite trailer reveals what made this installment so famous. Many players were drawn to it because of its excellent graphics and well-balanced action, thanks partly to the game’s superb Unreal Engine graphics engine.

Initially announced as an Xbox Series X|S exclusive on consoles, the game has now revealed that it will be available on more platforms, which must have been the reason for the delays to the console version as the title is now available on PC. Visited our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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