Best PS5 games in Amazon’s Easter deals

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Best PS5 games in Amazon's Easter deals

Among Amazon members, it’s worth a few bucks with Amazon Easter deals. The world’s largest retailer launched a massive discount campaign in 2022, “Gravel Days”. The famous Black Friday arrives in November. From April to April 13, you can buy more than thousands of products quickly and save a lot of money. We tell you exactly how essential customers benefit, who can get a premium at half the price and which Amazon offers are now beautiful.

Amazon, you can secure some offers for Easter. This includes several PS5 games as well. We introduce you to the titles.
At Amazon, there are a lot of good deals in the course of the Easter offers. In addition to televisions and PC peripherals. Here you will find the best PS5 games that you can get cheaper on Amazon.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

After making their big-screen debuts in two major MCU productions, Square Enix brought Guardians of the Galaxy to consoles in an action-packed way last year. In the game, we experience a very own adventure from the point of view of Peter Quill, aka Starlord.

Best PS5 games in Amazon's Easter deals

Of course, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot are also on board. In addition to the fun fights, the many funny dialogues and the wacky story provide pleasant entertainment. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a single-player only experience and has just been reduced from €69.99 to € 29.59 on Amazon.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

At the presentation of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, the fairytale adventure caused rows of open mouths. The developing studio Ember Lab consists of former employees of Pixar, and luckily you can see that in the game. The graphics are stunning, and the game world’s design and characters are charming. Kena is, therefore, one of the most glorious PS5 games to date on the market.

However, underneath the pretty shell lies a playfully entertaining core and a gripping story that deals with serious themes such as loss and death. In the role of the eponymous Kena, we climb and fight our way through pretty levels, collecting the cuddly Rott that gives us new abilities. Currently, Kena: Bridge of Spirits only costs 33.99 euros on Amazon.

Cyberpunk 2077

Yes, Cyberpunk 2077 is strictly a PS4 game. However, like many other PS5 games, the acclaimed The Witcher 3 came with a free upgrade. It may have taken over a year, but this upgrade has been available recently and fixes many of the problems that plagued the RPG at release.

Best PS5 games in Amazon's Easter deals

If you have given Cyberpunk 2077 a wide berth because of its technical condition, you can now access it cheaply. The game currently only costs 24.99 euros on Amazon. You get a gripping story and one of the best open-world cities in video game history.

Not Just PS5 Games: More Deals

Amazon also offers a few other titles for Sony’s consoles. Of course, you can also enjoy PS4 games on the PS5 without any problems and also benefit from the shorter loading times there.

Easter Deals on AMAZON: Prime members enjoy time advantage on dim sale offers.

You are prioritizing access to lightning deals in comparison to the Easter deals of Amazon. For more days, there is no change of day and offer a hundred and fifty per cent of the change for each day. They’re available every day from 6 o’clock. Due to its limited sales volume, these flash deals can sell out in a flash. Prime customers enjoy savings of time with the assistance of a lightning alert offered 30 seconds earlier. Get discounts on Amazon for Easter. Prime members are enjoying the benefits of getting a boost.


If you aren’t a Prime member yet but want to profit from the lightning free offer of the Easter deals running till April 13th, you can test on Amazon Prime for thirty days. Prime customers are also eligible for free premium shipping, can watch thousands of films and series with Prime Video, listen to Prime Reading and stream music with Amazon Music. Try Amazon Prime for 30 days. After the free time, you pay 7,99 euros per month (cancellable to anybody).

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