Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass All Tier, Pricing & Rewards Details

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Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass All Tier, Pricing & Rewards Details

Battlefield 2042 The release date of the first season is approaching, and the developers are gradually releasing more information about the game through official announcements. One of the most awaited news was the release of the upcoming Battle Pass of the first season. The card will come with many rewards, including exclusive skins, tokens, etc.

DICE has finally lifted the lid on the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass for Season 1, revealing some of the items and cosmetics you’ll be able to earn as you rank up the free or premium tracks. This Battle Pass includes 100 levels of rewards to be earned starting June 9, 2022, when the time to release Battlefield 2042 for Season 1 passes and new content is released.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass  All Tier, Pricing & Rewards Details

Some of the new content revealed by EA includes the new Specialized brand Ewelina “Lis,” various vehicle cosmetics and weapon cosmetics, along with customization options for your Specialists. Although the Season 1 update rolled out on Thursday, EA didn’t give us a detailed look at any of the significant rewards you’ll be able to unlock, apart from a few small glimpses in the trailer.

New weapons, such as the Ghostmaker R10 crossbow, the BSV-M rifle with a built-in suppressor, and the new gadget smoke grenade launcher, can be unlocked this season.

However, it appears that there will only be 100 bonuses in total across the 100 levels of the Battle Pass, with 70 premium bonuses and 30 free bonuses, indicating that when you win a free bonus you will also not get a premium tier bonus at the same level if you had purchased Paid track. Although this is not yet clear and has just been suggested on the website. The battle pass will cost 1,000 Belgian francs, or $10, when it goes live on Thursday.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass

Battle Pass is a service where players who purchase it can get their hands on exclusive items in the game, such as Specialists, weapons, vehicles, and more. The game divides the Pass into 100 tiers, and players will have to grind their way to get all those rewards attached to it.

How Much Does the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass Cost?

The Premium Pass costs 1000 BFC (Battlefield Currency), around $10. Players can purchase the Premium Pass from the in-game Battle Pass menu or shop. You can also get it for free if you have purchased the Battlefield Ultimate or Gold editions.

Types of Battle Pass

Battle Pass is divided into two types. One is the Premium Pass, and the other one is Free Pass. The rewards can be grabbed by playing the game and completing events or various tasks in the Free Pass. Whereas the Premium Pass has all the rewards included in the Free Pass and some extra rare items. Below is the detailed list of rewards as announced by EA.

Free Pass

  • Specialists – Ewelina Lis 
  • Weapons – G-84 TGM 
  • Vehicles – YG-99 Hannibal and RAH-68 Huron
  • Cosmetics – Springbok Weapon Skin

Premium Pass

Out of 100 tiers, Free Pass can unlock the first 30 tiers only. If you wish to get the goodies in the rest of the tiers, you can always buy the Premium Pass.

  • Premium Pass allows you to skip the tiers and collect all the rewards, including the special rewards.
  • Can unlock up to 70 Premium Battle Pass rewards
  • Immediately unlock four exclusive rewards:
  • Legendary “All-Seeing Eyes” & Angel Specialist Set
  • Legendary “Light Bringer” & AC-42 Weapon Skin
  • “Ghost Assassin” & Background
  • “Omniscient” Tag

You can check out the new gameplay trailer of the Exposure map, the new specialist Ewelina “Lis,” which are all launching with Season 1, as well as the new helicopter as well below:

This content is an excellent addition to the game, and the new Exposure map looks like one of the more visually striking in the game. But, the jury is still out on if this can turn around Battlefield 2042’s fortunes. Everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass: please keep visiting our site BGN for more news and guides on various games.

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