Archero best weapon Tier List

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Archero best weapon Tier List

Archero Best Weapons Guide will guide you through everything you need to know about the highest levels of weapons in Archero for PC. If you want to go far in this game, you will have to be prepared with the best weapons available. This is not an easy game and you will face challenges as you progress through the classes!

Archero’s first major gear choice is your weapon. As we mentioned earlier, all weapons are applicable, and the best option for you will depend on your play style.

If you like to attack at super fast speed, the saw blade will be more fun for you. If you prefer slow attacks that deal massive damage, try the Death Scythe.

Below is a simple Genshin tier list of Archero best weapon classes with the pros and cons of each weapon. They are more or less listed based on strength, although the best Archero weapon for you depends on your personal preferences and your luck with drop rates.

Archero best weapon Tier List

Archero Best Weapons Tier List

There are four different types of weapons in the game. Each of them can be upgraded with gold and parchment and also by combining them to increase their rarity. The rarities are Common (White), Great (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Epic (Purple with gold border), and Legendary (Gold).

For the most part, you generally have to use your rarest weapon. This often leads to its ability to deal damage as well, although there is widespread consensus on which weapon is better. You won’t always have a high score option in this category.

The game’s descriptions of the weapons leave little information to work with, but this guide covers everything you need to know so you can choose where to spend your coins and scrolls properly.

Here are the six weapons we will cover:

  1. Brightspear
  2. Death Scythe
  3. Stalkerstaff
  4. Tornado
  5. Saw Blade
  6. Brave Bow

SS Tier: Brightspear

Brightspear tops the charts in terms of weapons because the “projectile” hit the target almost instantly. Added to the game in December 2019, the Brightspear is setting itself apart as the most powerful weapon in the game.

Attack speed is slow but takes a 20% damage boost when hit. One of the key features of this weapon occurs when you can get it to Epic rarity. You get an added bonus that increases your damage on every hit for a certain amount. His epic ability deals damage while attacking. Each hit will deal an additional 3% damage, a maximum of 30%. If you don’t hit something in 2 seconds, this will reset.

Overall the damage output is very high, and Epic’s ability is fantastic, probably on par with the Death Scythe. Brightspear looks a lot like the Scythe of Death in terms of overall effectiveness, but the fact that the laser will almost always hit while Death Scythe often misses the targets is enough to hit it!

Additionally, the instant projectile makes it easy for you to take out one or even two enemies in a room before the first wave of attacks. This makes each room you interact with a little easier, as you will have less dodging than the other weapons.

S Tier: Death Scythe, Stalker Staff

Death Scythe

Previously, it was Archero’s best weapon. The Death Scythe features massive damage, an incredibly useful epic ability, and a knockout response. However, it has a reduced attack speed compared to other weapons, but takes massive 45% damage in return.

In general, the damage per second of the Death Scythe is comparable to a hurricane and a saw blade, but it rises above them on the tiered list for several reasons, mainly related to being a great weapon to beat your highest class:

Epic ability has a 50% chance to execute enemies below 30% health. This is awesome for removing your damage, especially if you’re pushing to hit a new high score or get through the final chapter. Imagine a design with a multi-shot arrow and a double front arrow. A single death scythe can only do about 5% of an enemy’s health in a single hit (often less for tank enemies), so you just throw a lot of shots at them. Hitting after approximately 2 shots when they hit equals 25% more damage. 25% insane damage!

Knockout keeps you safe! In particular, it is very useful for defeating enemies when you press for a new high score in levels where you cannot kill enemies quickly and need to keep them out.

The slower attack speed allows for easier “stutter” gains. For those of you who don’t know, you can cancel the backend of your character’s attack animation by moving slightly or tapping the screen after the projectile is fired, but before finishing the entire sequence. This effectively becomes a huge boost to your attack speed. With the Death Scythe, being so slow, it is easier to take advantage of the greater percentage of time saved by canceling the animation and you may end up firing it at a relatively fast attack speed.

It has an included knock back ability that will keep monsters off of you. The knock back ability is pretty valuable, because it’s not something you can gain as an ability. This also does quite a bit of damage, which is good in the later game particularly when you fight the Chapter that features nothing but bosses.


The Stalkerstaff is an exotic weapon. When attacking, it will generate a small ball projectile that will fire at enemies after a short delay. The projectile aims at enemies. It is not guaranteed to arrive, but it most likely will.The Staff is a bit of an odd ball, because it places an orb in front of you that pauses briefly and then homes in on an enemy.

It does a good amount of damage, and is actually pretty fast once you get through that initial pause of your first shot.

Otherwise, the personnel have normal attack speed and deal 100% base damage (no bonus or penalty). The epic ability increases the chance of getting criticized because your enemy’s health is lower, making it especially useful for bosses and pushing large classes.

However, the true strength lies in multiple actions. Because projectiles are pointed towards the target and are somewhat slow, things like oblique arrows will focus on a target quite successfully. Get diagonal arrows and triple your damage!

These employees will definitely be the mainstays of exciting strategies to be developed in the future, and therefore deserve a high position on the list as well. However, one of the main disadvantages is that the projectile is large and bright, causing a lot of chaos on screen and it is difficult to track and dodge enemy projectiles.

It was handled out of the range of a slow-moving projectile and is a relatively unsafe weapon to use despite its enormous potential for destruction.

A Tier: Tornado

The Tornado is largely considered the best weapon type in the early game. It has pierce on it as a perk, and it also comes back to you which deals additional damage to your enemies

Tornado features a built-in hole and will bounce off walls and back towards you, dealing 44% damage to enemies who hit someone in an incredibly useful way and especially useful for clearing a room. The downside is that it features a 20% damage reduction over base damage to compensate, limiting how Tornado can be used. However, Epic’s ability helps mitigate this.

  1. Built-in piercing and bouncing back to you allows you to get crazy damage efficiency if you line up your shots well.
  2. The Epic ability increases the damage on return from 44% to 66%, which raises the Tornado’s damage-per-second to be on par with the Death Scythe if you don’t factor in the Death Scythe execution.
  3. Due to so much damage occurring on return, you limit your damage potential significantly if you select the “Ricochet” ability, as you will not likely hit enemies on return. This is one of the major drawbacks to the Tornado.
  4. The Tornado only features a micro-stutter, no knock-back.

Overall arguably not too much worse than the Death Scythe and some do prefer it but the limitations knock it down from an S to an A-tier weapon

C-Tier: Saw Blade (Knife)

The saw blade has the fastest attack speed of all weapons. If you value it on your weapon, this is not a bad choice. The damage is the weakest among all the other weapons, but again you will compensate for it as fast as you can throw it.

  1. The Epic ability is underwhelming, increasing your attack speed for the first 3 seconds upon entering a room. This can be useful given the first few kills of a room are the most important for minimizing damage taken, but it’s a lot less useful on Chapters with waves (like 3, 6, and 10) and Chapter 7.
  2. The attack speed lets you sneak in attacks constantly in between dodging and maintaining high damage-per-second.
  3. The projectile speed appears to be faster than the Death Scythe, so you may connect your shots on moving targets more effectively.

In general, in addition to the execution in the scythe of death and the puncture in the hurricane, the saw blade does not do much. The quick attack and speed of the projectiles are good but not as impressive as the others.

Arguably it has a decent home in Chapter 9, where you have to dodge a lot, and there are quite a few melee enemies you can hit.

C Tier: Brave Bow

Unsurprisingly, the basic Brave Bow you start with is the worst weapon in the game. It simply doesn’t excel at anything and delivers less damage per second than all other weapons even after considering its epic advantages.

The bow is your typical versatile weapon. It does good damage and has decent attack speed. It’s a good starting weapon, but it can also still work well in the later game if you get a lot of bow drops. The bow also has a bit of natural impact, it’s not as pronounced as the scythe.

  1. While it has no damage penalty, it features the base attack speed. Even given that the Epic perk is +50% bonus damage on critical strike, the damage-per-second still lags behind and selecting critical strike abilities isn’t really something that’s viable to consistently build around.
  2. Everything about the bow is generally just average, not particularly high or low damage, nor fast or slow.


In general, if you’re only investing in one weapon, it’s best to go for Death Scythe, Brightspear, or Stalkerstaff. Each weapon has its pros and cons, and you can have your own preferences based on play style, so of course, play what you like over anything else.

However, in any scenario, I recommend avoiding the Brave Bow, as it is the only one that I would say is not viable for maximum progress.

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