WoW TBC Tailoring Guide

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All phases of TBC Classic can be outfitted with a wide range of tailoring choices.

The Perfect Guide for Wow TBC Tailoring

In WoW, Tailoring is a complex profession. It enables you to construct exceptionally powerful armor sets that many classes, including Warlocks, Mages, Priests, as well as some Shamans and Druids, utilize, including both caster and healer specs. Some strong sets like Spellfire Set, Primal Mooncloth, and Frozen Shadoweave, among others, are accessible to tailors and are prized end game starter sets. 

Tailoring and Enchanting are often used together to disenchant the items you produce when you level them up, although this isn’t required. Another possibility is a gathering profession like Mining or Herbalism.

In TBC Classic, you may also discover that Tailoring is a helpful addition to your TBC items and WoW TBC gold farming strategy. However, you can always buy WoW TBC account to get the skills pre-leveled.

Modifications from Classic to TBC

Not really much has changed from Classic to TBC when it comes to leveling up your Tailoring profession 1-300; however, 300-375 is slightly different compared to Classic. You’ll mostly be working with Netherweave Cloth while tailoring in the Order of the Phoenix. This will be used to create all three varieties of fabric, along with some extremely crucial ones like Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, which is needed to construct critical TBC items, Bolt of Soulcloth, which is required for Shadow Resistance clothing that you’ll need further in Black Temple. Spellcloth, Primal Mooncloth, and Shadowcloth are among the essential pieces of expertise gear, as is the Spell Cloth. Considering all this, you should definitely buy WoW TBC gold whenever required.

Best Professions to Pair with TBC Tailoring

The typical combination for Tailoring is undoubtedly Enchanting. Because Tailoring does not really need many things from collecting professions, depending instead on farming fabric from mob spawns, Enchanting is a nice profession to include with it. Enchanters can disenchant TBC items, Tailored objects for Enchanting items.

An intriguing option would be Engineering because the Engineer-made Zapthrottle Mote Extractor could allow faster farming of desired elemental Motes to build Primals. Several top-level Tailoring recipes demand a lot of Primals.

Others are interested in pursuing a career as a gatherer in order to increase their earning potential. Herbalism or Mining go nicely in this position.

Where to Learn WoW TBC Tailoring?

With TBC Classic gold, now there are Tailoring teachers stationed in all metropolitan Areas and would be capable of teaching you Tailoring from Novice to Master.

For TBC, the Tailoring Instructor who will train you with the Master Tailoring is situated in Honor Hold unless you are Alliance and Thrallmar if you really are Horde.

All of the trainers for the updated TBC specializations can be found in Shattrath City’s Lower City neighborhood, where they are all within walking distance of one another. Keep in mind that the Mana Loom can be found here, which is necessary for the creation of Bolt of Imbued Netherweave.

Tradeskills in WoW TBC Tailoring

Tailoring has 3 specializations added to that in TBC Classic, every one of them having its unique purpose and application. Shadoweave Tailoring, Mooncloth Tailoring, and Spellfire Tailoring are each utilized to create strong and unique sets of gear that can take them comfortably through T4 and, for a few, even into T5.

The specializations are available in Shattrath City in Outland after you reach 350 and picking one will lead to a short quest. While you may produce any of these garments as a Tailor, unless you’re one of these specialties, you can construct two instead of just one. Due to the lengthy downtime for each craft, this gives you twice as much specialized cloth as before.

Each specialty has a unique set of armor which they may create, and each set has excellent stats, a plethora of sockets, as well as a set bonus in addition to the double cloth crafting.

Shadoweave Tailoring

To become a Shadoweave Tailor, locate Andrion Darkspinner at 66.6, 67.2 and accept the quest to become a Shadoweave Tailor. Then, he would send you out with Shadowmoon Valley to a chapel called the Altar of Shadows. Afterward, just travel back to Shattrath, then Andrion Darkspinner will instruct you on Shadoweave Tailoring, enabling you to manufacture Shadowcloth.

Spellfire Tailoring

To become a Spellfire Tailor, you should seek Gidge Spellweaver situated at 6.6, 68.6, and take up the mission to become a Spellfire Tailor. Afterward, she will provide you with Nether-wraith – a Signpost Icon, something you should carry out to Area 52 in Netherstorm, where you utilize the weapon, and then it will conjure a Furious Nether-wraith, which you should kill, spawning a Nether-wraith Essence. Bring the Essence back to Gidge Spellweaver, and then she will instruct you on Spellfire Tailoring.

Mooncloth Tailoring

To become a Mooncloth Tailor, you should seek Nasmara Moonsong situated at 66.4, 69.0, and take up the mission to become a Mooncloth Tailor. Then, he would offer you a sample of Primal Mooncloth, something you should carry to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh, whereupon you will need to infuse the sample on the moon well situated in the center of Cenarion Refuge. Eventually, you may come back to Lower City in Shattrath, and then Nasmara Moonsong would instruct you on Mooncloth Tailoring. The Primal Mooncloth Set may be made with this as well.

The Bottom Line

Quite nothing has evolved in the procedure of leveling Tailoring from 1-300; thus, the knowledge provided inside our Classic guide is still very applicable. This guide will let you level up from a beginner’s position all the way up to 300.

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