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The Elder Scrolls Online has built a welcoming, friendly, and huge community over the years through numerous content updates, DLCs, and base game adventures. There really is something for everyone, which underscores the power of MMOs in making players around the world inclusive. Dungeons in particular were an important factor in the recurring numbers of players, the dungeons have always been an important part of the gaming experience and, as with any live service game, new patches and new dungeons are added regularly throughout the year. One of the dungeons that players have been obsessed with lately is the Unholy Tomb dungeon and this guide will keep you informed about it The Elder Scrolls Online Unholy Tomb Dungeon location and rewards.

Where can I find the Unholy Tomb and how to unlock it

The Unhallowed Grave dungeon is primarily not a base game dungeon, it is tied to the Harrowstorm DLC so you will need to purchase that particular expansion first. The Harrowstorm DLC can be purchased from the store for 1500 crowns, which costs about $ 20 or less. Once you’ve purchased the expansion, you’ll now have access to both normal and veteran modes of the dungeon. It is a four player activity for you and your companions, and it is recommended that you be around level 45 to start the dungeon.

The dungeon itself is located in the ‘Bankori’ region and is located in the very southeast of the respective map. The dungeon will be nestled between some rocky areas on the map. After finding the dungeon, you can travel there and begin the dungeon.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Unholy Grave Rewards

There is a lot to explore in this particular dungeon and players will likely spend around an hour completing the activity. It is noteworthy that in the story of the dungeon you venture into an ancient grave and uncover the lost secrets and “forbidden powers” ​​of the cutthroat grave.

In return, there are a variety of interesting game mechanics associated with the Unholy Tomb, and working with your respective partners in completing the dungeon is a surefire way to achieve great success in the dungeon. There are eight bosses in total, some of which are classified as secret bosses for players to discover and try to find. In addition, there is an abundance of loot and rewards for the player to unlock.

The loot that players can unlock from the dungeons, along with other small loot items, comes from the following styles and sets that are specific to the DLC. These are as follows:

  • Aegis caller
  • Grave guard
  • Draugrkin’s grip

It should be noted, however, that players encounter superior (blue) loot on the normal difficulty level most often, but epic (purple) loot at a significant rate on the veteran difficulty. In addition, there is an additional set, which can only be purchased in Veteran Difficulty Mode and which is called “Kjalnar’s Nightmare” and even contains a special monster helmet to collect.

Will you be the unholy grave in. to complete? The Elder Scrolls Online back this month and unlock new gear and weapons?

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac and PC.

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