The best foods in Minecraft

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There are many different things that you can eat in Minecraft and some are definitely better than others, so we’re going to be looking at the 5 best foods in the game. There are many factors that contribute to what makes a particular type of food good, whether it be how easy it is to get the food or how much of your hunger it satisfies, there are many factors that play a role. So expect a little explanation for each of them as to why they are good, it might surprise you a little.

5. Cooked salmon

From the beginning we have some cooked fish. This stuff fills up three whole bars of hunger and lasts a little longer than some other foods. So it’s a pretty good option, but what’s the catch? Well, cooked salmon is by far the best type of fish in terms of food, the other types of fish just aren’t that good. If you could just choose which type of fish to get your hands on it wouldn’t be a problem, but since you have no control over what you fish it can take a while to get a lot of salmon. There is also the problem that fishing generally takes a long time, but if you are able to pile up a large amount of it, you are good to have a good source of food.

4. Bread

Bread, one of the simplest foods in the game. It’s created by making three pieces of wheat and gives you something that will fill two and a half bars of hunger and keep you full for a decent amount of time too. All in all, it’s a good food option, the only problem is that it takes up quite a bit of agricultural space. Since you only get one piece of wheat per seed planted, you need to devote three blocks of growing space to wheat just to get one piece of bread. If you have a massive farm setup that is likely to be negligible in the long run, there are better options for smaller farm setups.

3. Baked potato

Speaking of better options for smaller farms, baked potatoes! These things are just as good as bread, statistically, with the added benefit of being easy to get in bulk since you get multiple potatoes per potato plant. The only thing they don’t have about bread is that you have to cook them, which can take a while if you don’t have smokers.

2. Golden carrots

This may seem like a ridiculous waste of resources, but listen to me. Golden carrots fill three bars with hunger and keep this bar full longer than any other conventional food except golden apples. This means that while these are very expensive to make, you don’t need to eat as many of them thanks to that fact. You also benefit from the same functionality as potatoes, where you get multiple carrots from one plot. This also gives you another use for all of those piles of gold that you will likely end up lying around.

1. Cooked steak / pork chops

Despite everything just said about golden carrots, these two things take the cake when it comes to the best food in the game. While they won’t fill you up for as long as golden carrots, they are the best thing about the nest. They also fill four whole bars with hunger and are much easier to come by than the other items that fill that hunger up. Although you must have either a wheat or carrot farm to keep breeding these animals, it will pay off in the end. Also, if you set up the animal farm properly, you won’t even have to cook the food in the oven, as cows and pigs will drop cooked food when they are killed by fire.

Minecraft is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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