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An early quest in Mass Effect called Citadel: Scan the Keepers requires you to find all 21 Keeper locations and search each of them for a reward. These creatures maintain the Citadel and maintain its systems, but a curious salarian named Chorban has been secretly investigating them and asks Shepard for help gathering data from them all. These creatures are not marked on your map and blend into their surroundings, making them difficult to find. This quest will take you all over the citadel, but actually finding all of the Keepers isn’t that difficult when you already know where to look. This is where you can find all of the Keepers in Mass Effect.

Overview of the locations of the Mass Effect Keeper

There are a total of 21 guards on the citadel. They are scattered throughout the praesidium, on the wards and in the surrounding areas. Here’s a quick rundown of how many pet owners are in each area.

  • Citadel Tower: 4 keepers
  • C-Sec: 2 keepers
  • Docking Bays: 1 keeper
  • Presidium: 8 keepers
  • Upper wards: 3 guards
  • Lower districts: 1 keeper
  • Flux and protection access: 2 keepers

Citadel Tower Keeper locations

The first three gatekeepers will be relatively close to the starting location of the quest if you’ve picked them up from Chorban, the salary earner. Scan the keeper right next to him to start your collection. Then head east to find the second porter near Rear Admiral Kahoku. From there, head to the northwest corner of the citadel tower to find the third keeper in a mostly enclosed alcove.

The fourth goalkeeper is still in the citadel tower but is a little further away from the rest of the goalkeepers in the area. It’s in the southwest corner of the area at the back of the council chamber. It’s pretty hard to miss.

C-Sec Keeper locations

There are two guards in the Citadel Security (C-Sec) area, but they are on opposite ends of the section. The first is in the Far Eastern part of C-Sec in the requirements office.

When you find the first C-Sec keeper, head to the westernmost room called Traffic Control to find the second keeper in the area. You have to pass through the C-Sec offices to reach it.

Docking Bays Keeper locations

This keeper is a bit out of the way, but you can access it from C-Sec. Take the elevator from C-Sec to the Docking Bays like driving back to Normandy. Then continue past Normandy and you will find the keeper in the far right corner of the path.

The locations of the Presidium Keeper

The praesidium is the largest part of the citadel, so the hardest part of the search is finding all of the Keepers here. The first guard in the area is right in front of the elevator that leads to the citadel tower. From there, head northeast to the Wards Access elevator to find the closest guard standing right next to it. Then head east and enter the Embassy Lounge to find the third keeper on the map. Once you’ve scanned it, the fourth keeper is in the area just a short distance east.

The fifth keeper of the area is in the northeast corner of the praesidium in the embassies’ Volus and Elcor offices. It’s pretty easy to get to. Just walk past Udina’s office a little and you are in the right room. The guard is in the far left corner of the office.

You’ll need to make your way to the southern edge of the bureau to find the last three goalkeepers. The sixth keeper of the area is in the upper back room of the emporium. Find Delan the dealer, go up the stairs in the back of the room and turn left. The sixth goalkeeper will wait there. To find the seventh keeper of the praesidium, exit the emporium and turn right. Look for the krogan statue and then turn right to find the seventh guard next to the stairs that lead to the bridge. For the final keeper of the area, continue east under the bridge and you’ll find the eight keepers of the praesidium next to the door to the consortium.

Upper Ward Keeper locations

There are three guards in the upper districts. The first keeper in the area is at the med clinic where you recruited Garrus. It is near the Citadel Rapid Transit Station. The second keeper in the upper counties is in the alley west of the med clinic where you recruited Tali. Finally, the Upper Ward’s third keeper is on the western edge of the area in the Upper Markets. It’s in the northwest corner of the room near a Volus dealer.

Lower Ward Keeper Locations

The lower counties have only one keeper and it’s incredibly easy to find. To access this area, you will need to return to the C-Sec Academy and take the elevator from the Academy Atrium to the wards. As soon as you take the elevator to the lower stations, the guard will be waiting at the end of the hallway.

Flux and wards access the keeper’s locations

There are two guards in the Flux and Wards Access area of ​​the citadel. The first is in a small server room in the corridor of the Access Ward. There are two elevators that lead to this part of the citadel. You can get to this place by taking an elevator from the praesidium or by going through the upper wards.

The second goalkeeper in this area is Flux Casino. This is an area that you are likely to be familiar with if you’ve completed any of the side quests in this area. To get here, take the stairs to Flux Nightclub from the Upper Wards. Then just go to the casino and you will see the goalkeeper in the back behind the Quasar setups.

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