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Cloth is one of the most important resources in Rust, but also one of the hardest to find. It’s not exactly a rare resource, but since it’s used in so many crafting recipes, it can be difficult to find ones that haven’t been harvested by players, especially if you’re playing on a high-population server. Cloth can be obtained in a number of different ways, and you’ll need to restock it to make tools, clothing, and other items that can aid your survival. Here’s how to get fabric in Rust.

How to get fabric in rust

Fabric can be harvested from hemp fiber, small green plants that grow in areas of grass. To get fabric from these plants, just walk up to them and push the button to harvest them. Each plant gives you 10 substances and one hemp seed that you can use to start your own hemp farm. However, agriculture costs time and resources. Hence, it is best to look for hemp fiber plants to find fabric in the early stages of the game.

Hemp fibers are often found in areas of grass. They usually occur in wide plains, but can also occur in wooded areas. If you have trouble finding one, avoid looking near bases and populated areas. Hemp fiber can only be harvested once before it disappears. As a result, if you are near a large base, other groups may have already cleared an area’s hemp supplies. However, the plants tend to grow quickly so a hemp shortage is never permanent.

If you’re feeling more daring, cloth can also be harvested from hunted animals. Different animals produce different amounts of fabric, and different tools produce different amounts of material from a single animal. Using a bone knife will get most of the parts from animals you kill. If you have a bone knife, you can get the following amounts of cloth from animals.

  • Chicken: 6 cloth
  • Boar: 10 fabric
  • Scientist: 20 fabric
  • Deer: 25 fabric
  • Horse: 25 fabric
  • Wolf: 30 fabric
  • Bear: 50 fabric

Hunting animals isn’t the most effective method of gathering cloth, but it doesn’t hurt to kill a creature if you see it in the wild while looking for hemp plants or other resources. Hunting is not recommended until you have a bow or weapon to defend yourself, especially if you are chasing a bear or wolf. Rust is fraught with threats and animals are no exception. There are a few other ways to get Cloth in Rust such as: B. the use of recyclers or the establishment of a hemp farm. However, these are the best strategies for finding the material at the start of the game.

rust is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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