Resident Evil Village: How to Beat Moreau

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The Moreau boss fight is the third big boss encounter in Resident Evil Village after the intense duel with Lady Dimitrescu and the dark game of hide-and-seek in the Beneviento house. While the fight of the doll bosses in House Beneviento was a nice change of pace from all the action, the Moreau fight is just another standard fight that you should get through without too much trouble. He has a few annoying moves to watch out for, but for the most part, this boss is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to beat Moreau in Resident Evil Village.

How to beat Moreau in Resident Evil Village

This fight takes place in a grid-like arena. Moreau will slowly chase you through the sunken houses, but he’s slow and easy to avoid. Just keep your distance and shoot him whenever you get the chance. If you need ammo or healing items, there are barrels and boxes to break with ammo and other supplies. Mines are your best friend for this fight because Moreau will slowly stumble on predictable paths. Leave a few mines behind if he is chasing you for minor damage. You can also shoot the red barrels scattered around the arena for light damage.

Once you’ve done enough damage to him, Moreau will jump onto a nearby roof and prepare an acid rain attack that will cover the entire arena. If you are trapped outdoors, this attack will slowly damage you until Moreau stops. So you have to find a place to hide. You can hide in the same places where you can pick up supplies and ammunition. There is usually a roof over these items. Once you are in a safe location, shoot Moreau and he will jump back into the arena.

When Moreau comes back to chase you there will be goosebumps blocking certain paths. You can destroy those creeps with your knife or weapons, but be careful not to get caught between the creeps and Moreau. Try to shoot it before you get too close. By this point, you’ve seen everything this boss fight has to offer. Simply rinse it out and repeat the process until Moreau is permanently out of service. When he dies, he will drop the crystal moreau, which you can sell to the duke for a large sum of lei. Also, you can get Moreau’s hidden weapon shortly after this boss fight.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia available.

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