Pokémon GO – Marill Spotlight Hour Guide, How to Catch Shiny Marill

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May 2021 holds the Pokémon GO Events roll in for another weekly celebration of a certain kind Marill Spotlight Hour. These weekly events give players a chance to catch a few of the featured Pokémon, while often offering a good chance of catching a shiny Pokémon. There is also an added bonus that you can enjoy during the hour-long event. To help you get the most out of everything, here’s our Marill Spotlight Hour guide to Pokémon GO May 2021.

Marill Spotlight Hour Guide

Below is a summary of all the processes and answers to all of your most frequently asked questions about the Marill Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO. Let’s start with the most important of all.

When is Marill Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO?

The Marill Spotlight Hour starts Tuesday, May 25th at 6pm. The event is set to your local time zone. No matter where you are, it always starts at that exact time, just like all other Spotlight Hour events in Pokémon GO. As the name suggests, the celebration only lasts an hour, so at 7 p.m. Marill will stop spawning at increased speed in the wild. The bonus also ends at this point. So read on to see what that is.

What is the Marill Spotlight Hour Bonus?

Players can double-catch Stardust for the hour of the Marill Spotlight Hour event. So, you should catch all of the marill that appears at increased speed in the wild, as well as any saved research encounters you have. Frankincense is also a great idea (see below) so you can catch as many Pokémon as possible at double the stardust rate. And you should be sure to at least look at the entire marill, in case one is shiny.

Can Marill Be Shiny How To Catch Shiny Apricot

Shiny Marill will be available for Spotlight Hour in May 2021. Your best chances of catching Shiny Marill are to encounter as many wild breeding species as possible. And the use of frankincense increases that amount significantly. So turn one on if you’re looking for some shine. Quick catch helps here, where you tap and hold on the berry menu, then pull slightly to the right, then use your other finger to toss the ball and let go. If you tap from the berry menu, you can return to the overworld map and encounter more Pokémon.

And that’s our Marill Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO in May 2021. Hopefully, it’ll answer your questions, including when the event is, what the bonus is, and how to catch Shiny Marill.

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