Pokémon GO – How to Make a New Friend

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With so many new players joining Pokémon GO In the past few months, it’s not surprising that questions like how to find a new friend have started to show up often. Of course, it’s been a big topic of discussion lately because of the recently re-released Jump-Start Special Research story, which includes quests and rewards for brand new players. But whether you’re working on this quest or not, it is good for all gamers to know how to make a new friend in Pokémon GO.

How to make a new friend in Pokémon GO

As the very first task in Jump Start Special Research, making a new friend can seem like an easy task. Yet so many struggle with it because the system is complex and you are forced to collaborate with other players. It’s actually pretty easy to do thanks to the internet. So here are the steps to make a new friend in Pokémon GO, and then we’ll share some tips on how to make those friends.

  • Open Pokémon GO
  • Tap your picture in the lower left to open the menu
  • Swipe right to open the Friends menu
  • Tap Add Friend
  • Either share your trainer code or get yours and enter it here

How to add friends in Pokémon GO, but how do you find other players? The options are endless, including staying on-site. There are great subreddits and other social media groups like The Silph Road and Pokémon GO. These also have their own Discord servers that you can join, where trainers exchange their friend codes. You should also check Facebook and other social media outlets for local groups in your area. These will be a great resource for making new friends, as well as information on local in-game events.

How to find a new friend in Pokémon GO. You have to do it at least twice, but the more the better, so try to find as many as you can.

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