OSRS March Gielinor Gazette – What’s New?

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A new area, a new raid, and PvP rewards are coming, Every month the Old School RuneScape team releases a Gielinor Gazette. The Gielinor Gazette is a small roadmap. The team effectively communicates what content they are currently working on with their player base. Considering that Old School RuneScape is still going strong, it is best always to keep your longtime player base what is going on.

They also give time frames on when the content might be complete. The team still running Old School RuneScape is a small one, so things take a little longer than other companies or RuneScape 3 that have many more employees helping.

Either way, the March 2022 Gielinor Gazette details some of the things they are working on. These include a new area, a new raid, improved security, and a mysterious update known as Giants’ Foundry. It may be another way for players to gain OSRS gold. Nothing is known for sure yet.

Let’s break down the essential parts of the March Gielinor Gazette. If you want to see all of the notes, check out the official page.

Beneath Cursed Sand & Tombs of Amascut

The Beneath Cursed Sand is a quest chain that expands on the 2007 Desert storyline. However, there is more; this update and quest will take you to a new area. You and other players will encounter new enemy types. These enemies seem to draw inspiration from Ancient Egypt. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait much longer for this new area and quest to drop. Beneath Cursed Sand drops on April 27th. Completing this quest will lead you to unique content.

The Tombs of Amascut is another raid being added to Old School RuneScape. Like other raids in Old School Runescape, you and other players will need to work together to make their way to the end and defeat the main boss of the attack. Beating raids will reward you and others with various items and OSRS gold. Some of these items can be sold for even more OSRS gold.

It is important to note that this raid is only accessible by completing the Beneath Cursed Sand quest chain first. However, Tombs of Amascut may not be launching with the new area just yet. It is currently estimated to be released sometime in Summer.

Giants’ Foundry, What Is It?

The Old School RuneScape team has been tranquil on the details of this new update, skill, area, or thing. No one knows what on earth it is yet. They have only dropped slight hints and clues in the past few Gielinor Gazettes. Based on what they have been hinting at, it seems to be some type of skilling update. Anything that has to do with skills means there will be ways to increase your OSRS gold income.

As you can tell by the name, they will also be adding Giants to the game. How they play into the story or gameplay is anyone’s guess at the moment. Hopefully, they will be revealing more about it within the next few weeks or so.

Improved Security For OSRS Accounts

There is a lot of technical info about how Jagex plans on improving security for Old School RuneScape players. Here are the main takeaways on how they plan on doing this:

  • Support for more complex passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Banning bots and making their systems better to keep bots out.
  • Introducing cloud-based save backups to keep your characters safe.

There are other things that players will be happy to make sure that their characters and OSRS account are safe. With more removal of bots, it should also be a much better general player experience.

Deadman Mode Re-Run

Deadman Mode is getting re-run due to some unforeseen circumstances. There will be a total of two betas. One will happen on April 20th to stress test the servers. The other will take place a week later for players in the Deadman Mode Finale in 2021.

Deadman Mode is mostly a PvP-oriented mode for anyone who doesn’t know. You get increased experience and better drop rates of rarer items. This mode takes place on a different server and does not affect your other character. Suppose you or anyone that participates in Deadman Mode will start with a level 3 character. There are some other minor changes compared to the core game of Old School RuneScape. The top players will compete in PvP matches in the Deadman Mode Finale for prizes.


In short, the March 2022 Gielinor Gazette showcases some upcoming new content that players can look forward to. It also had brief info about the PvP Arena beta. We didn’t touch on that, but feel free to check the official page for the information. I think the main thing people will be looking forward to is the Giants’ Foundry update, Beneath Cursed Sands, and the Tombs of Amascut that connects with the Desert questline.

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