Monster Hunter Rise Boss Tips – How to Beat Rakna-Kadaki, Rajang, Wind Snake Ibushi, and Thunder Snake Narva

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Monster Hunter Rise - Rakna Kadaki

As a Temnoceran, Rakna-Kadaki is essentially a giant arachnid. It can deal fire damage (along with firebrand) and shoot silk to bind players. Ice is its greatest weakness, followed by water, with its head being the best weak point for cutting and striking weapons. In terms of status ailments, only Iceblight is effective. Rakna-Kadaki is immune to poison and explosion.

Rakna-Kadaki is very interesting in that it has two states – a networked “dress” and its “incubation” state. It can pull itself over distances with its silk, fire net projectiles, and hit its belly down. Attacking the head is always recommended, but it can start spinning silk and catching the player. A good way to create an opening is to break the silk on either leg. This causes Rakna-Kadaki to collapse for a few seconds.

When the dress is broken, rakna-kadaki can spin silk on its belly, which is the “state of incubation”. Attack his stomach, but watch out for the fiery gas leaking out of his body (especially since the monster can move with him) along with the jet of fire it can release from his mouth. There is a slight delay at times when it is releasing gas from its body. Use this as a guide to run away as quickly as possible.

From the front it spits out streams of silk and at the same time smashes both front legs to attack. After a while, rakna-kadaki will spread silk over his legs, return to the state of clothing, and repeat the process. As before, focus on two of its legs to make it fall, cause damage to the head when it is down, and focus on the abdomen to win when it enters the incubation state.

How to Beat Rajang

Rajang returns in Monster Hunter Rise and is still as nimble and aggressive as ever. As in previous games, it does thunder damage and can cause thunderclap. In the regular form, you have to worry about being stunned due to the blunt force of the attacks. Rajang is immune to thunder, fire, and dragon damage, while he is weak to ice and water. Iceblight and Blast are both effective diseases against this.

In terms of weak spots, the head is a pretty good choice for cut, punch, and gunshot damage. Even aiming for the torso and forelegs works, if not as effectively. You may also want to aim for his tail as this will prevent him from strengthening his arms.

In its normal state, you have to worry about the constant swiping, belly flops, and short range hook it can do. Perhaps the most dangerous step in this state is to grab the player and knock them down before striking out. Wiredash away when you’re down to avoid the brunt of it. Another attack to watch out for is when he dips his hands into the ground and knocks up several rocks – wiredash as soon as he starts doing it. Hit-and-run tactics are most effective when Rajang is in his normal state. Look for small openings, do damage, and prepare to dodge the next attack.

Once Rajang is charged with thunder, the real challenge begins. As well as wiping his fists, Rajang kicks his hind legs when you are behind it, attacking and attacking and beating up and down with force. It can also make a monkey throw at a target some distance away. Eventually, it will fire an explosion of thunder energy from its mouth (although it can happen to do so even in its normal state). Whenever possible, aim at the tail to get it out of this on state. While the clap of thunder is unleashed, there is a decent window for damage to be done.

If you have trouble finding opportunities to attack it, set pitfalls and shock traps when it is distracted. In these cases, you will need to plant them right at Rajang’s feet so that they are not avoided.

How to beat the Ibushi wind snake

Of all the monsters in the game, the most interesting is Wind Serpent Ibushi. It’s a Rampage Quest monster, which means you have different installations to fight it. You have to overcome three hordes of monsters first. About 10 minutes after the third horde began, Ibushi appears. It inflicts dragon element and, as an older dragon, is weak for dragon element as well (fire and water damage are the next best choices).

First, you should set up Wyvernfire near the door – if Ibushi gets closer, they’ll attack it automatically. When Ibushi breaks through a gate, don’t waste time chasing it. Instead, use a farcaster to quickly get to the next line of defense. The counter signals are also important – once they are active, your weapon damage will be massively increased. If none are active, use the counter gong to activate one.

The key to this fight is Ibushi’s windsocks, which are located on the back and tail. Attacking them will cause Ibushi to fall and so cause serious damage (it is recommended to attack the head with cutting and striking weapons in this state). When it starts collecting rocks around it, find the Splitting Wyvernshot to break it up. When a Dragonator makes the same move, activate it to deal heavy damage and interrupt it again. Keep up the pressure and avoid attacks. Wind Serpent Ibushi should go down without any major problems.

Narva thunder snake

The base game’s final boss, Thunder Serpent Narwa, is another new Elder Dragon for the franchise. It deals thunder damage and thunder clap (of course) along with stun. Its weaknesses include kite and ice elements, while it is resistant to fire and water damage. Iceblight and Blast are effective diseases. Cut and impact damage are good against the head, but when the chest, wing arm, abdomen, back, and tip of the tail are charged, they can also become effective weak spots due to the presence of thunderstorms.

Right off the bat, you want an effective thunder resistance to avoid thunderclap. When the fight begins, aim at Narwa’s stomach immediately to damage his Thundersac. Make sure to attack the thundersacks in the areas mentioned above (unless the fins get in the way and in that case are aimed at the head). As with Ibushi, causing enough damage will cause Narva to fall and open it to some damage.

Narva can do some pretty powerful attacks. So use the platforms he created to avoid them. When it starts spinning in the middle it releases a huge beam that sweeps the arena and ends with a huge purple ball of energy that does immense damage. This cannot be blocked without a Guard Up and inflicts stun on the player. However, using farcaster or navigating to the higher platforms is a great way to avoid this.

Use the cannon, when available, to stun Narva. If you do enough damage, he’ll fall to the ground. You should also use the Splitting Wyvernshot, Dragonator, and various towers when they are available to do even more damage. Sometimes Narva can unleash several purple rays at the same time. Again, make sure you don’t get hit by these without the Guard Up skill.

Keep up the good work and eventually Narva should be defeated. The game is not over yet. Update 2.0 has added several new monsters like Teostra, Kushala Daora and Chameleos to fight while the next update will have a neat ending.

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