Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Are Console Commands Available?

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition reworks pretty much every aspect of the original trilogy, and it appears the old one Console commands You could return in the day, have received some changes as well. For those who did not know that in one of the three games in this extensive collection you could open the game console with certain movements and enter certain commands with different results. Increasing Shepard’s class points, increasing the credits, and more were just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you could do. And yes, we’re talking about cheats here, which are essentially console commands. The real question is, can you do this again with Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Let’s find out.

Are there console commands for Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

If you want the short answer “no”, there is currently no way to open one of the three game consoles to enter some special commands and optimize the assets in the game. Based on the feedback from many players on Reddit and other forums, no one has been able to open the real in-game console and even enter commands. There is a catch, however.

While no one was successful from the game itself, there are many claims made by users who managed to optimize the game from the outside. This means that they played around with the files in the collection and through those files they changed aspects of the game like the amount of resources, tools available, and more. However, this requires a good understanding of a video game’s assets, how they work, and even some or much prior coding knowledge. As such, it is NOT recommended to follow any of these online guidelines as you can really mess up the product. Therefore, no instructions for such actions are given here as we cannot guarantee the safety of your game.

Everything mentioned above shows that Bioware either intentionally blocked the option to open the game console or changed certain variables from the inside, thereby completely removing that feature. Whatever the case, the important thing is that you currently cannot use console commands to tweak your progression in the game, which will make Mass Effect Legendary Edition what it should be. By playing the game in the normal way. All three of the titles included are great so you shouldn’t worry about that at all. Have fun and explore the wonderful world of this masterpiece at your own pace.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content on the game, check out our list here.

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