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Lost Ark has been one of the most popular games ever since released in the west on Steam. However, some problems spoil the fun of the fans. Some things should be fixed with a patch in early March. Amazon concludes and addresses further measures against bots. The popularity of Lost Ark since it launched in North America has led to more than a few cheaters and bots, and now the game’s team is taking them out.

What’s going on in Lost Ark?

  • Bots have been making the Free2Play MMORPG unsafe for some time. They flood the starting area and clog up the already overcrowded servers. They mainly farm and trade gold.
  • The players themselves fight bots with a few tricks but cannot handle the tide alone.
  • Lost Ark has already banned over 1 million accounts from bots. Now the developers are talking about further measures against the scammers.

That’s what Lost Ark says now: A new blog post says that the ban on the accounts was just “one step in the ongoing fight.” Internal tools and methods are already being worked on to deny bots access to Lost Ark from the outset.

These updates are said to be “soon.” They also want to change the rewards of report and guide quests. They should no longer deliver gold rewards but silver to not exploit the system.

Bots mainly farm gold and then sell it for real money. The team advises that real-money gold trading is illegal and bans buyers and sellers.

Patch Brings Improvements – Huge Success Says, Lost Ark

In addition to the upcoming measures against bots, Lost Ark talks about problems already being fixed. With the latest updates, the match search has been improved. In addition, the waiting times on the servers in Central Europe are now significantly shorter. Among other things, the new servers were opened in Western Europe to relieve the burden. The bot blocks are measures to improve this thing even further.

As a new feature, the developers talk about language filtering for the chat. Tabs can now be created using the “+” symbol, and specific languages ​​can be selected. For example, communicating with other players in German is easier – even if you are not playing on the “German server.” In addition to the technical innovations and the fight against the bots, Lost Ark also gets new content. Many of these are already known, as the game has been developing in Korea for years, and we are not yet playing a “complete” version in Europe.

“Maintaining a fair and fun gameplay experience for our players is a top priority for the team,” The Lost Ark team wrote on its official website. At the same time, the team knows that it’s likely that some of the illegitimate accounts might have slipped through the cracks. The team also admitted it was possible that in a sweep this large, it might have accidentally banned people who weren’t using bots.

The representatives, likely not wanting any more bad backlash for Lost Ark, also laid out how anyone caught up in the sweep who had not been using cheats or bots can appeal to the team to get their account reinstated. The company also made it clear that its people would be working on trying and perfecting the process of getting rid of illegitimate accounts moving forward.

The sweep that rid the game of more than a million accounts was also called the first step in several fixes for Lost Ark that aim to make the game that much more fun for those who are playing it the way it’s supposed to be played. The team closed its official statement by making it very clear that other purges and other approaches will follow this latest move to get rid of people doing harmful things to the community in the coming weeks and months.

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