How to plant trees on cliffs

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Everything has been done for the Nintendo Switch to give gamers the design tools to create the island of their dreams, including terraforming, water design and patio furniture placement. However, there are usually strict rules about these tools – especially when it comes to where to plant trees. With this glitch you can undermine one of these rules from patch 1.10 to plant trees on cliffs, and thus open the door to countless new design ideas for your island. Here’s how to plant trees on cliffs Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to Plant Trees on Cliffs While Crossing Animals: New Horizons

To start, you will need a 3 × 3 room with cliffs. Dig a hole in the exact center – this is where you will plant your tree. Before doing this, terraform a square from one of the corners of the cliff (make sure it’s fully terraformed, not just rounded). Then you need to make a water landscape on the ground below. Water Landscape two water squares next to the empty corner you just terraformed, and then one in the empty corner. This should create a sloping piece of water in the corner, as seen in the picture below.

This half water room is playing the game, there is a valid room next to where you are going to plant the tree. So climb back to the hole and voila! You can now plant your tree there. This works with hardwood trees, fruit trees, cedars, coconut trees, and even bamboo! Just make sure the tree is already fully grown before you plant it. Otherwise, your tree may not grow.

After you’ve planted your tree, the last thing you need to do is shape the cliffs below as you like. If you try to terraform the cliffs below directly, you will get a message that it is dangerous to modify this cliff as the tree could fall over it. But you can still get rid of cliffs under the tree by terraforming the corner pieces. Break one corner into a rounded cliff, then break it completely by terraforming the cliff next to it as well. Be careful though, because once you destroy the cliffs, you will no longer be able to terraform them with the tree you planted!

Since this is a bug, be aware that there is a chance it will be fixed in the future. However, this bug was present for many patches and still exists from patch 1.10! This new flexibility in tree placement opens up many new possibilities for your island. So get out there and get creative! Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an exclusive Nintendo Switch available now.

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