FFXIV: Pandaemonium Raid Unlock and Gear

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FFXIV: Pandaemonium Raid Unlock and Gear

How to unlock Savage loot from Pandaemonium raids and gear

Acquiring Raid Gear from Pandaemonium

WoW raids are easier to get into, you can lay your hands on them and get them straight whereas here you won’t be getting rolled-up raid gear handed over to you towards the ending of any fight. When a Pandaemonium raid completes, eight looted pieces are dropped which are the unsung gear. These individual pieces correspond to a specific set piece forming the raid gear. You can buy FFXIV Gil to articulate your metric currency and set it along with a different piece, you can buy each of these unsung pieces of gear at every stage in a week.  

Currently, the game is operating in four stages which enables you to derive four pieces of gear in a week. You need to plan out your pieces of unsung gear to trade with each one of them differently so as to obtain actual gears. The game brings you to FFXIV store where you can bring your raids and create your FFXIV account and use it for extra trade. 

When you acquire enough unsung gear pieces, you can go to Radz-at-Han to trade. The Pandaemonium exchange vendors are available there, where you get to select the class,you wish to get raid gear for and start with your unsung pieces while trading and buying. The prices of such pieces are:

  • You get headwear at 2 pieces. 
  • You get a chest plate at 4 pieces. 
  • You get pants at 4 pieces.
  • You get boots at 2 pieces.
  • You get an accessory at 1 piece. 

In case you complete your raid, but you can’t fetch your unsung piece, pass on the gear and continue to fight that again. As long as you do not claim for any specific item, you always have a second chance to roll on with it. You can come over with FFXIV mounts for your better item understanding and rolling dropped gears. 

How to Extract and Exchange Loot and Acquire Drops From Pandaemonium  

Getting a raid from FFXIV is not that easy and acquirable because of its enunciated strategies and gaming mechanics. You cannot roll your hat and get a raid laid down for you, also with each raid drops loot that relates to it along with different slots. You can get one drop in a week specifically and it allows a reset on Tuesday, 3 a.m, EST. 

If you are going through Asphodelos and running it, you will run through the first circle completing it successfully and procuring a piece of loot, you cannot get any more loots from it again the same week until the amount resets the proceeding week. These raids are sometimes available in the FFX14 account, you can buy Gil and try each raid, although they drop different loot varieties, you will need specific types to trade in within the actual gear. 

While trading, it is not easy to get accessories and armour, you will have to strategize for gaining a weapon in the game, it is quite different from acquiring other things. You will have to clear circles and move in stages for collecting unsung pieces of gear and dropping loots. In a manner, you will reach a level gear in your game along with extracting loots from the Pandaemonium. 

Tokens Used in Battles 

Sometimes, to get weapons or accessories, tokens are used that are similar to older raids. Players usually get similar tokens but single from different fights that are occurring. Completing with fights helps the parties gain tokens, however, they may be random as well, some of their plans might be inconsistent, so battles need to be played several times along with various mindsets. The primary focus lies on wanted items and then procuring things as per second choices or options. You can roll your items from FF14 Gil and try to pass them out with random occurring in the battle or game. 

  • Asphodelos: Operating from the First Circle, 2 Helms, Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, 2 Rings, Chausses
  • Asphodelos: Operating from the Second Circle, Helms, Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, 2 Rings, Chausses
  • Asphodelos: Operating from the Third Circle, Helms, 2 Armors, 2 Chauses, 2 Rings, Gauntlets
  • Asphodelos: Operating from the Fourth Circle, Helms, 2 Armors, 2 Chausses, Gauntlets, 2 Greaves, 2 Rings

Lockouts and Raiding Loots

Players reach to next reasonable level by completing the raid wants or floors and acquiring gear designed by the ultimate game crafters. The higher the game level is, the more savage is the lockout of the weekly raid, and the gamers transform themselves from strong to fas. The highest gearing in gaming lockouts is extracted from the weekly raid lockouts. 

There are various currencies operating in the FFXIV account, you can buy any of these metric currencies and get the endgame gear. Coming to raids, you can split them as per difficulties because you gain them through fights and keep them in possession measuring the difficulty levels. You get access to gear slots which can be accessed otherwise with the help of those tokens. There are various Coffers in form of rewards for the players playing weekly with the raids. 


The FFXIV Pandaemonium is not that difficult to understand but also not a sugar slice for you. You have consistent drops in loots along with the raids, each set of these raids correspond to a different piece with different motifs, as the article brings to you. You can start fighting weekly in your accordance and manage to extract loots. 

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