Dead by Daylight Beta, how to play with Jill and Leon

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The latest additions to Dead by Daylight are still waiting to be officially released in a few weeks, while PC gamers can get detailed information by using Dead by Daylight Beta. This beta allowed us to take a closer look at Nemesis and will also take a look at the two new survivors and their advantages. Jill Valentine and Leon Scott are on the exam table today, so let’s see what their benefits allow them to do. And while it’s true that perks can be taught to all survivors, it’s still good to look at the exact intentions of how those survivors should play. So let’s go straight to these concepts.

Jill Valentine, hit back from the shadows

Right off the bat, Jill’s advantages lead her to sabotage the killer through more indirect methods. Their first perk is called Counterforce and it revolves around routinely destroying the totems scattered around each map. With this equipment, she can destroy totems faster than any other survivor and even gains additional destruction speed with each purged totem. In addition to this ability, the benefit also shows her the position of the totem furthest from her position when she finishes cleaning. Her second benefit is known as resurgence and ensures that every time she is released from a hook, be it by her own hand or someone else’s, she automatically advances toward healing, increasing the time it takes to cure it, is shortened considerably. Your third perk is one that can directly affect the killer and is called Blast Mine. After 66% repairing a generator, she can install a trap on the generator that activates when the killer tries to break it. At that point, a lightning bomb will explode, temporarily blinding and stun everyone around it.

Leon Scott, a more direct threat

While Jill is more suited to the Shadows, Leon can fight the killer while he stays near him. His first advantage is immediately called Bite the Bullet and significantly increases his chances of survival while healing. To put it simply, it lets him heal in complete silence, with failed skill exams triggering no audible signals, even if the killer is less than a foot away. His second advantage is perhaps one of the most offensive in the game and is called Flashbang. After repairing generators for a percentage, Leon can enter a locker and craft a stun grenade that he can use as he pleases. The stun grenade takes up the space for held items, but when in use it can be thrown and when it goes off it stuns and blinds anyone within the blast radius, making it something that can be used to control the Influencing killers directly and making a clean escape route. His third perk is called Rookie Spirit and it does it in such a way that after passing a certain number of repair skill checks on generators, he gets the ability to see the auras of any generators that regress.

Hopefully that look at things sheds some light on what these two will be capable of when the expansion comes out in full. As mentioned earlier, the perks of these two characters can be unlocked for other survivors as well, which should result in some interesting games thanks to the stunning bombs these two can create. And for anyone who plays the game on Steam, you can try these two out for yourself before launch by activating the Dead by Daylight beta on Steam. So have some fun with them before launch and see if you can buy the full DLC for yourself when it comes out later this month.

Dead in daylight is available on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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