Biomutant – How to make weapons and armor

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An important selling point of Biomutantis that you can art Your own unique weapons and armor in play with materials that you can find all over the gigantic world. You can literally combine anything you can find in ruined villages, huge factories, and any other place you can think of. Pencils can become add-ons to your melee weapons, a brush can be turned into a one-handed slash weapon, trumpets can act as muzzles, you got the idea. How can you actually make such fascinating weapons? Take a look below to find out what you need.

How to craft items in Biomutant

After passing the tutorial phase and exploring the overworld, you will find dozens of random items everywhere. Some of them are actually weapons and armor pieces and are used to create brand new weapons or modify your existing ones. If you go to the “Equipment” menu, which is located in the main menu, you will see the “Crafts” tab. Scroll there, click on it and select the section you want. You can select any part of the body like torso, legs, shoulders, etc, or select your main or off hand to go to the weapons menu.


After selecting the field you want, you have several options. Let’s start with your armor. For example, if you’ve decided on the torso and you already have a chest piece with a few extra slots (on the article it says in the information), you can add some spare parts to increase the size of its stats or add certain capabilities. To do this, you will also need resources, which are shown at the bottom of the same page. Planks, tape, all kinds of materials. Select the add-on you want, see if you have the resources, and hit the Tinker button. Your article is ready immediately. Please note that it is not possible to create a piece of armor from scratch.


When it comes to weapons, things are more complex now. You have two options. You can either modify existing weapons, similar to the torso example above, or create completely new weapons from scratch. There really is no difference to the result that you can actually end up with. Changing your current weapons will save you some resources. This makes it an ideal choice if you only want to use certain weapons. However, if you want multiple choices, such as multiple builds and setups, you’ll need to create some new weapons.

Whatever the case, when modifying or creating a new weapon from scratch, you have to choose its parts. These parts also determine what type of weapon you end up with. The “base” part of a weapon indicates the type of weapon you are creating (one-handed, crush, assault rifle, etc.). The rest of the parts are simply there to change the weapon’s appearance, stats, and abilities, if any.

However, do not worry about the use of the parts as they will NOT be consumed in the process. You can always just disassemble the weapon and get back all the parts you used first. However, what is consumed is the materials you used to create each weapon. This is going to be quite a barrier at first, but soon enough you will be swimming in resources so again it won’t be a big deal. Not to mention, you can purchase parts from various vendors and outposts in the world of Biomutant, so over time the process will get easier. Don’t be afraid to experiment a lot with creating new toys. This will only improve your gaming experience.

Biomutant is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more information on the game, see the rest of the guides here.

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