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Capcom has introduced a new game called Exoprimal. It will be a co-op shooter with futuristic mech suits and dinosaurs. They fall like rain from the sky, and you have to shoot them down in absurd amounts. You can find out what we know so far about the new game for the PS5 here on BGN.

While there are thousands of games that can be played on PS5 through PS5 backwards compatibility, only a few are tailored to the latest powerhouse from Sony. We’ve collected the best games that you can play on PS5 today and have broken them down by genre so that you can easily browse what interests you most. From RPGs to multiplayer and free-to-play games, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve tried to stick to newly released games with PS5 versions or updates to take advantage of their extra power in this list. Rest assured, it is not an exhaustive list of everything available on the system at the moment. So, you’ll want to check out the best PS4 games. As more games are released in the coming months, we’ll branch out and add more categories.

What kind of game in PS5

Sony’s State of the Play event on March, 2022, brought a big surprise. Because suddenly there was a trailer for a game called Exoprimal. Shortly strange dimension gates suddenly open over cities, and dinosaurs rain out of them.
They, in turn, are then shot down by a team of 5 badasses with mech exoskeletons. In the end, one of the guys even gets eaten by a T-Rex. The whole thing looks wacky and stupid but also very cool.

Why is it raining dinosaurs? It is unknown. It’s just that in the year 2043, so-called “Vortexes” appear regularly, and then it just rains … Dinos. But since you can probably foresee this in good time, a radio program treats such dinosaur appearances as a weather report. Therefore, the affected areas can be evacuated in time, and your armoured heroes are there to give the scaly beasts a good smack on the prehistoric nose.

Co-op action with mech suits like in Anthem

How does the gameplay? The trailer shows concrete game scenes. From this, we can see that it is probably a co-op shooter. Up to 5 players embody the fearless fighters of the “IAS Exofighter Troupe”.

They have high-tech combat suits, each with their abilities. The suits are very reminiscent of the design of Bioware’s hapless game Anthem. The Big Suit and Nimble, in particular, look very similar to their Anthem counterparts.

For the skills of the suits, however, inspiration was probably sought from Overwatch because one of the mech suits has a large energy shield that is strongly reminiscent of Reinhardt’s shield from Overwatch.

On the other hand, other suits seem to be able to fly to a limited extent; others go into close combat with swords and beat raptors through the botany like rag dolls.

In general, you almost always seem to be outnumbered because the game sends you a real flood of prehistoric creatures in front of the guns. Teamwork and tactics are a must here. But later in the game, bigger beasts also seem to appear, for example, an angry Triceratops that breaks through everything and, in the end, even a fat T-Rex as the boss. He can nibble on an Exo suit with just one bite.

When is the game coming? Capcom has only given 2023 as the release date. So you have to be patient a little longer before you can shoot dinosaurs.

Which platforms will it support? In the end, only the logos of PS4 and PS5 appear in the trailer. It is unknown whether the game will also be released for PC and Xboxes. The small print also refers to the online service PS Plus, an online game.

This third-person shooter brought players together when it first launched on Xbox 360. Army Of Two has everything a co-op shooter should have on a basic couch – freedom for both players to experience the game differently and truly enjoy. An army of two makes both parties feel important.

Playing rock, paper and scissors while deciding who gets the stealth kill always adds a new level of fun because both players will continue to participate. Running into an area with a player and their friend would be unrivalled because the chaos of shooting and screaming while yelling at players would get any player’s blood pumping. Overall, Army Of Two did what many co-op games couldn’t, and that makes both players feel like the protagonists.


This 2D side-scrolling platformer has a unique style that borrows a lot from cartoons from the 1930s. The style and the whole Cuphead package are unique, from the boss battles to how the puzzles are performed. However, where Cuphead truly shines is that it’s an extremely difficult game.

When teaming up with another player via couch co-op or multiplayer, Cuphead gets even harder as the boss’s health doubles and everything gets turned to eleven. However, this shouldn’t deter anyone from playing the gameit only inspires players to think quicker every time they screw up.

Monster Hunter Rise

Similar to Monster Hunter WorldRise supports online co-op, permitting friends to team up as they seek to take down the massive beasts that await them. The process involves entering an online lobby then inviting people who are part of the user’s Friends List; conversely, they can jump into their friends’ games. Monster Hunter Rise is fun regardless of whether someone hunts solo or as part of a party, but the latter adds an element of coordination to the gameplay. Although co-op is supported on both the Switch and PC, Rise players can only play with people on the same platform.


Guacamelee is a 2D action platformer best played with another player (or three). It offers countless hours of fun and is very accessible because of its gradual learning curve. Also, having a nonlinear gameplay style means players can revisit areas in Guacamelee to unlock secrets.

Once players learn how to combo properly, Guacamelee‘s combat becomes incredibly fluid and impactful. However, what will pull players in the most is the game’s art, rich world, characters, and interesting boss battles, proving things that are in triple-A games can also be found in indie games like Guacamelee.

Rayman Legends

Playing Rayman Legends with a friend is the best way to enjoy it. Rayman Legends is a simple game to learn; Rayman Legends is about maintaining the player’s momentum. The levels are designed to trip up players, so timing is everything.

Rayman Legends gets more complicated as it goes on, and levels gradually become more abstract, so much so that players are unlikely to find the same style anywhere else. What is cool about Rayman Legends is that, unlike other platformers, the world changes, offering more challenges and things to do.

Gears 5

Gears 5 puts players front and centre of some unique and exciting set pieces. The third-person shooter expands on its predecessor, providing an impactful storyline with fully realized characters. Co-Op is available for the Campaign, Exhaust, and Horde modes; the first two are limited to three players, but Horde allows up to five.

Also, since it’s part of a franchise and all the Gears Of War games have co-op, players can spend a weekend with a friend going through the whole series up to Gears 5. While doing that, players can certainly raise the stakes by putting the game on a higher difficulty making gameplay even more stressful. Thus, forcing the player to communicate more gives them a sense of accomplishment.

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